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Episode 2 - Teach & Learn

How Mindfulness Can Help Reduce Burnout with Dr. Michelle C. Chatman

Join us for episode 2 of our new podcast, where we discuss mindfulness and burnout with Dr. Michelle C. Chatman.

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Episode Description

In today’s episode, we talk mindfulness and mindset and how both can help students, teachers and educational administrators manage and reduce burnout. We welcomed Dr. Michelle C. Chatman, a cultural anthropologist who teaches undergraduate courses on African Spirituality, Culture and Social Justice, and Urban Ethnography, at the University of the District of Columbia. Dr. Chatman and Dr. Ford discussed:

  • How a trip to Africa acted as a catalyst for change in Michelle’s career
  • The differences between mindfulness, mindset and contemplative approaches
  • The creation of the Youth Mindfulness Integration for Nonviolence Development (M.I.N.D) program
  • Challenging internalized racism, biases and sexism in underrepresented student communities
  • Why teachers shouldn’t underestimate what was lost during the pandemic
  • A short, practical mindfulness exercise

Show Notes

  • 02:10: Dr. Michelle C. Chatman’s background
  • 05:30: A primer on mindfulness, mindset and contemplative approaches
  • 09:45: How traveling to The Gambia, West Africa impacted Dr. Chatman’s career path
  • 14:34: The juxtaposition of mindfulness vs. mindset: how are they similar and how are they different?
  • 18:35: The creation of the Youth M.I.N.D program and how it has impacted educators and administrators
  • 23:23: How Youth M.I.N.D helped challenge internalized racism, biases and sexism toward marginalized students
  • 33:38: How educational professionals can address burnout
  • 41:20: Get started with a short mindfulness practice
  • 48:05: What’s next for Michelle and the MICA Lab at UDC
  • 50:45: What’s next for Michelle


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