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Season 2, Episode 1 - Learning by Association

A Roadmap for Associations: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going With Tracy Folkes Hanson, CAE

In this episode, Bill Sheehan is joined by Tracy Folkes Hanson, CAE, President & CEO of CSAE. They discuss how the landscape is changing for associations and what you need to know to navigate it.

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Bill Sheehan's experience with associations


The role of associations in protecting, promoting, and advancing industries


Trends in the association space, including digital transformation


The challenge of capturing the attention of association members in an attention economy


How associations have changed over the years


The need for associations to adapt to technology and leverage it to connect with members


The impact of COVID-19 on associations


The importance of support, partnership and collaboration


Fostering community and connection with members


Building relationships with younger members


The importance of establishing and communicating a clear member value proposition


Embracing technology to appeal to more members

Associations are facing a tidal wave of change. Membership demographics, member expectations, staff turnover, emerging tech—these factors and more are putting pressure on what associations do and why they do it.

What do these changes mean for associations? Should we look at them as threats, or can we see them as opportunities? The reality is that they’re a bit of both.

On one hand, they’ll compel associations to reevaluate core practices and offerings. On the other, they also create chances for associations to cement themselves as the trusted, authoritative experts and leaders in their space.

Joined by Tracy Folkes Hanson, CAE, President & CEO of CSAE, we take a closer look at:

  • the changing landscape of associations
  • the challenges associations face in capturing the attention of younger members
  • the importance of partnership between associations and their industry partners
  • the crucial role associations play as being the trusted source of information in their industries
  • why associations need to focus on honing their member value proposition and consistently communicating the benefits of membership


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