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Automate the Delivery of Fresh, Curated Content Every Day

Curating content that is relevant and up to date is essential in today’s fast-paced industry. However, finding, organizing and delivering this content can be a time-consuming and tedious task. Anders Pink is a content curation tool for D2L Brightspace that automates the delivery of new information from the web—saving educators the time and effort of manually searching for content themselves. With the quick implementation of new information through API integration, educators can now focus efforts on the individual learners and the learning journey itself.

Save Time and Effort—Curate Content Automatically

Deliver High-Quality Content

Deliver High-Quality Content

  • Anders Pink provides the latest and most relevant content directly into D2L Brightspace every day to keep learners up to date.
  • Control the sites and sources content comes from and enable learners to access the latest information.
  • With tailored briefings related to the topics in the learning library, educators can encourage learners to investigate deeper as new information and content is added.
Save Time and Effort—Curate Content Automatically

Save Time and Effort—Curate Content Automatically

  • Automate the process of finding, organizing and delivering the best web content to learners and save educators time and effort.
  • Remove the need for copy-and-paste by delivering new content from the web directly into D2L Brightspace.
  • Keep courses fresh and relevant with regular content updates as fresh, new content is published to the web.
Upskill and Reskill at Pace

Upskill and Reskill at Pace

  • Utilize Anders Pink’s skills-based briefings for reskilling and upskilling using the latest thinking and insights.
  • As skills, topics and trends emerge and change, it’s easy to keep pace by creating additional briefings of new and relevant content.
  • Use Anders Pink’s automatic insights to improve learner retention and keep your organization’s learners on top of industry trends and niche sectors.

How it Works


We’ll collaborate with you to determine how automated curation fits your needs.


With fresh, tailored and ready-to-go content feeds on the skills and topics that matter to you most, you can start curating right away.


We’ll collaborate with you to determine how automated curation fits your needs.

Markets We Serve

Markets We Serve

Higher Education:
Deliver best-in-class teaching and learning content for faculty and students seamlessly while helping all learners reach their potential.
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Create a culture of continuous learning by delivering an engaging experience that will help you tap into the full potential of your most critical resource: people.
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Scale your association and empower members with continuing education and programs that help them build the competencies they need in order to keep up to date on accreditations.
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About Anders Pink

Anders Pink dynamically curates content from the web on any topic and skill. It enables administrators to create “briefings” (feeds of content) and saved folders (collections of content handpicked by admins), refined to the specific topics and sources of interest to their learners. These briefings are updated automatically every day to ensure fresh and relevant content to keep your learners coming back, staying up to date and continuously upskilling.

Since the launch of Anders Pink beta in late 2017, it’s grown to become a fully integrated feature of some world leading learning platforms, tools and apps.

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