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Brightspace LMS for Higher Education

Brightspace is the learning platform built for people who care deeply about helping all learners reach their potential.

See It in Action 2021 SIIA CODiE Award winner in 3 categories

See why D2L Brightspace is more than an LMS

Watch this short video and learn how our learning innovation platform provides you with more flexibility to personalize the experience and unlock learner potential.

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1. Worry-free technology

Do you want a secure, reliable learning experience that works consistently on any mobile device? You’ve come to the right place.

Reduce complexity (and stress levels).

Start of the semester? No stress. End-of-term exams? No sweat. Brightspace provides you and your learners with the ultimate in learning flexibility coupled with industry-leading security and superior uptime. You may just find your support team playing solitaire.

Offer anywhere, anytime learning—on any device.

Meet the needs of today’s on-the-go learner. Brightspace is designed for the mobile world—and the platform can be accessed from any mobile device for a true anywhere, anytime, any device learning experience. Our beautiful apps and responsive design are inspired by thousands of design sessions with learners and instructors. And our app ratings confirm that our users love them!

Brightspace responsive platform in tablet, laptop and mobile phone
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Reliable–with best-in-class uptime.

Give your faculty and learners a rock-solid and reliable learning platform. Brightspace consistently delivers 99.9% uptime and the industry’s best architecture for disaster recovery. You can scale easily without impacting uptime. Even our monthly updates and enhancements are delivered without downtime.

So, when updates do happen, they are completely predictable and totally within your control. You decide when to turn them on.

Easily integrate into your IT ecosystem.

Blend the Brightspace LMS into your unique IT ecosystem and create your ideal digital confederation of tools, content, and applications. Unlike other “walled garden” LMS platforms, Brightspace is open and includes source code libraries and standards-based integrations. This open approach means you maintain easy access to your data through APIs, can download critical datasets, and can incorporate timely insights into your day-to-day workflows.

Globe with lock overlay cartoon image

Rely on world-class security and data privacy.

We don’t just rely on Amazon Web Services for security and privacy. With an impressive track record of security leadership, D2L is the only leading higher ed learning platform that is ISO27001- and ISO27018-certified. We’re also a proud member of the Cloud Security Alliance.

Brightspace screenshots on laptop and mobile

Ready to reimagine learning?

More than just an LMS, Brightspace Core combines the tools and support you need to offer a great teaching and learning experience for students and faculty.

Get started on Brightspace Core

2. Put learners first

You’re driven to help your learners succeed. So are we.

Personalize the learning experience.

Make sure all learners reach their full potential with personalized learning from Brightspace.

Quickly and easily set up individualized learning paths. Allow learners to learn on their terms, proceed through content at their own pace, and access learning from any device.

Easily deliver personalized feedback to keep learners motivated, on track, and engaged with automated nudges.

Set up rules to manage enrollments for things like study groups—all based on a learner’s activities within courses.

Increase learner engagement by making it easy for students to connect with one another and discover achievements by displaying each learner’s picture and profile throughout the system.

Use portfolios to reflect on learning, showcase growth, and celebrate achievements.

Identify and track high-risk learners and let Brightspace proactively alert you when it’s time to step in and offer help.

Be an accessibility leader.

We go beyond implementing technology with accessibility in mind—we’re helping build the next generation of accessibility standards. Accessibility is baking into D2L’s entire development process and we design features to support Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to help make sure disabilities do not pose an obstacle to learning.

Cartoon image of desktop

Fully aligned with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AAA standards and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, 1973.

Built-in accessibility checker for content, quizzing, and discussions. Automatically generate closed caption videos in different languages for free with Video Note.

Our accessibility strategy is informed by inputs from our client community and field experts via our Accessibility Interest Group and Accessibility Advisory Board.

Brightspace is the first – and the only LMS – partner of the Strategic Nonvisual Access Partnership (SNAP) program of the National Federation of the Blind (NFB). Under this program, NFB audits Brightspace periodically and also provides advisory services.

D2L is a participant in the Competencies Development and Review Committee of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals as well as the W3C Silver Community Group formulating a new version of Accessibility Guidelines, and a member of the Ontario government’s Post-secondary Education Accessibility Standards Development Committee.

Motivate your learners and tackle their anxiety.

Keep your learners on track, engaged, and stress-free.

Release Conditions screenshotSend timely, positive reinforcement and helpful, friendly messages to keep learners motivated and moving forward.

Content Progress screenshot

Allow learners to see their progress in dashboards and access their grades whenever they choose.

Personalized Feedback screenshot

Provide personalized feedback in the moment—which helps lead to greater engagement and retention.

Give learners the tools they want to use.

Today’s modern learners live in an online and social world. They expect their learning experience to be just as connected.

Build presentation and critical thinking skills using built-in video capabilities.

Share and interact with others through gamification, earning awards and badges for progress and accomplishments.

Allow learners to virtually collaborate and interact with their instructors and peers through discussion forums.

Create truly effective high-quality online learning.

There is a big difference between remote instruction and high-quality online learning. The journey to online learning is often approached in phases—some start by replicating the classroom experience, evolving to make sure that it’s equitable and effective, and then continuing to grow to make it a truly impactful learning experience online. At D2L, supporting our clients in the building of the best-quality learning experiences has been our commitment for over 20 years. The Brightspace platform is designed to help you provide the highest-quality learning with robust options for feedback, tools to inspire, engage, and enhance collaboration. We have experts on hand to help you enhance your courses and programs, or you can even leverage our world-class content partners.

Make your online learning as beautiful and supported as your on-campus experience.

Your identity and connection to the campus can shine through on the Brightspace platform. Your students will appreciate your online learning experience being as beautiful and supportive as your on-campus experience, with the stunning design that works on any device, the flexibility to integrate your brand and build beautiful course templates, and the ability to provide an inspiring learning experience with unmatched reliability. There has never been a better time to invest in your online learning experience.

Cartoon image of school buildings and Brightspace homepage

3. Enhance teaching success

Built by experts in education for educators, Brightspace makes it easy for you to teach the way YOU want to teach.

Save time so you can focus on what’s important:
teaching and supporting your learners.

With Brightspace, Instructors can achieve a fast rollover from one semester to the next and easily complete common tasks such as:

Prioritizing and giving feedback on assignments.
Automatically releasing new content or courses.
Creating and using rubrics.
Posting announcements and assignments in an activity feed.
Dragging content directly into a course.
Brightspace Quiz Builder in laptop

Easy to dive right in.

The Brightspace platform is enjoyed equally by novice and power users, and everyone in between.

With progressive disclosure, the most common items are displayed first, with drill-down options for more in-depth tasks. This results in an intuitive and enjoyable experience for everyone and reduces the anxiety that can occur when learning a new system.

Provide more efficient, timely, and meaningful grading and feedback.

Quickly assess your learners’ work and provide feedback across all courses from Brightpace’s centralized assessment hub.

Provide contextual in-line feedback with the Annotations tool.

Access rubrics on your mobile phone to assess learners in the field.

Provide in-the-moment personalized feedback via audio and video.

Brightspace Activity Feed

Streamline your communications.

Brightspace offers a modern Activity Feed to keep your learners informed and engaged. Easily post announcements, links to content, and assignments on a single page without having to juggle multiple tools. One spot for you to update and one spot for your students to check. Talk about efficient!

Screenshot of Brightspace Drag and drop tools

Continue to use your favorite classroom tools.

Brightspace works seamlessly with the tools you love, including Google Docs™ content, YouTube™ videos, web links, or something else. Build in whatever tool you want and drop it right into your course. Easy peasy, right?

Offer tests and exams online with academic integrity.

Testing and validating knowledge are a key part of the learning experience. You can maintain academic integrity when facilitating exams and tests online with partner solutions for plagiarism detection, identity verification, and high-stakes assessments.

4. Improve learning outcomes

Inspire your learners and motivate them to take ownership of their education and achieve more than they imagined.

Keep your learners on track.

Quickly see early indicators of learner engagement, easily spot those needing help, and intervene early.

Access meaningful classroom insights to spot at-risk learners and to monitor student progression toward learning outcomes.

Check what learners already know (or don’t know) so you can deliver the right content and questions at the right time.

Automate reminders to provide a helpful nudge or inspire learners to reach their full potential.

Cartoon image of speech bubble

Personalize your feedback.

Send personalized feedback to learners with a virtual assistant to automate messaging based on specific criteria–for example, when they have not logged in recently, or need encouragement and scaffolding for the next assignment, or any of the dozens of other types of nudges. Students love this feedback, and it gives you more time for one-on-one coaching.

Brightspace screenshot on desktop - course homepage

Create engaging content, fast.

Quickly create engaging course content incorporating video, virtual classrooms, game-based learning, awards, and badging.

Not quite sure where to start? D2L’s Learning & Creative Services team can help. They’ll work with you to review and enhance your existing course modules, apply best practices, and help you build custom homepages and engaging HTML templates, and review and enhance existing course modules.

Brightspace Portfolio on Laptop

Showcase your students’ learning experiences.

We’ve made it easy for students to demonstrate their accomplishments to their faculty, peers and employers through our newly redesigned Portfolio. The ability to share their accomplishments boosts both student confidence and engagement.

Screenshot of Gamification in Brightspace

Enjoy human-centric design.

Offer learning that is fun and enjoyable to use and creates an experience that feels like a journey for students. Integrate gamification (points, nudges, recommendations), let people find other people and communicate with them, encourage notes and personalization, and bring people together.

5. Partner with a learning expert and leverage a caring community

We are a learning company. With 20 years of experience, our mission to transform learning has never wavered. Technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. As your partner in learning, along with a caring community and open ecosystem of partners, we’re here to help you succeed. Here are a few of the ways that we are more partner, and less vendor.

Join a caring community of your peers and D2Lers.

In an increasingly competitive landscape, partnering with D2L and taking advantage of our supportive community and broad ecosystem of partners can help you navigate change and differentiate. At D2L we use NPS to help measure customer happiness. Since we began surveying our customer base for NPS in 2017 our score has been best in class and climbing.

Rely on experts to help you build world-class offerings.

We are the learning platform provider that has a very large team of learning experts who are genuinely committed to helping you build world-class learning experiences. When you need help building a course or new program or need to optimize the use of Brightspace, we are here for you-our Advisory Consultants, Learning & Creative Services team, Instructional Designers, Technical Account Managers, and Data Gurus love helping our clients outperform. We are a learning company with a broad bench of services unique in this business, making us a reliable and resourceful partner to help you with your needs today and into the future.

Begin with your own unique success plan.

Our team will help you optimize Brightspace to address your strategic and tactical needs–and this can all be done virtually, including implementation. Together with you, we develop a success plan aligned with your unique goals. We tailor this plan to improve adoption, engagement, outcomes, completion rates, and graduation rates and accelerate your transformation to online learning for the short, medium and long term.

Cartoon image of mountain

Prepare learners for the future with D2L to back you up.

Take advantage of the knowledge that D2L has gained with years of experience supporting learners at every stage of their journey. As an example, we are the leaders in helping clients shift to mastery-based learning. And we can even provide guidance to help you create direct workforce partnerships and propel your students toward success.

Work with a customer-driven company.

D2L has a rich history of working with clients to incorporate their input into the design in a nondisruptive way. With thousands of design sessions with clients and learners each year, we are focused on building a clear picture of what your learners and faculty are trying to achieve, what’s holding them back, and what could give them wind in their sails. That empathy and research is at the heart of our innovation to make sure you have the right resources to confidently move toward the future of learning.

Monthly product updates incorporate ideas directly from our customers.

Customer input and feedback are incorporated at every step of the Brightspace development process.

Brightspace screenshots on laptop and mobile

Ready to reimagine learning?

More than just an LMS, Brightspace Core combines the tools and support you need to offer a great teaching and learning experience for students and faculty.

Get started on Brightspace Core