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Higher Education LMS for Colleges and Universities

Don’t Manage Learning, Unleash It

Powerful tools. Best-in-class service and support. High-quality, customisable content. Help unlock learner potential with Brightspace, your all-in-one solution for creating personalised learning at scale.

Trusted and Chosen by Top Institutions In India

Rethink the Way Modern Education Is Delivered

Motivate students to succeed by taking advantage of Brightspace’s built-in opportunities to engage. Educators can use the tools that can help improve student outcomes and personalise learning to help students succeed, no matter what challenges they may face in their educational journey.

100% Complies with UGC Parameters

Discover how D2L Brightspace complies with the provisions and parameters recommended by the UGC committee for NON-SWAYAM platform.

  • Attract
    More Students

    Offer affordable, high-quality online learning and attract more students regardless of their locations.

  • Meet
    The Needs of the Workforce

    Deliver experiential learning and skills development that meets the evolving needs of employers today.

  • Boost
    Student Success

    Support the changing needs of students and increase their success with flexible and robust learning tools.

  • Make
    Everyone’s Life Easier

    Empower students and educators with easy-to-use learning tools that don’t hinder the experience but enhance it.

The Benefits of Brightspace, at a Glance

Built for people who care deeply about helping all students reach their potential.

  • Differentiation

    Accommodate blended, hybrid and fully virtual learning to best suit your institution’s needs.

  • Equity

    Regardless of abilities, means, location, or device, all students can achieve their full potential, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Autonomy

    Blends easily into your existing ecosystem, allowing instructors to create their ideal configuration of tools, content and applications.

  • Content

    Simplify content creation and empower instructors to build compelling and engaging courses for their students.

  • Analytics

    Empower users to review and act on the right insights at the right time with learning analytics that support student, course and institution success.

  • Centralised

    Support credit, non-credit and professional development goals on a single platform.

  • Partnership

    Thrive in an innovative environment that continuously grows with you to support the future of learning.

  • Experience

    Reach your goals faster with a partner that brings more than 20 years of experience with educational technology.

Let’s See What We Can Accomplish Together

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