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More Than A Software Developer

I suspect that there’s more to you than what you do for your job. That you have talents, ambitions, ideas, and goals that transcend the narrow confines of whatever role you’re currently in. And that with the right environment, with enough freedom and support, you’re capable of accomplishing a lot more than you know.

In a lot of my previous jobs, I didn’t have that environment, freedom, or support. I had a job to do and that was that. Chances to grow and explore were minimal, and ideas didn’t have a place to go. But at D2L, I’ve found a place that’s supported me in my growth and development and encouraged me to go further than I thought I could.

I’ve grown as a software developer, been offered increased responsibility, as well as leadership and mentorship opportunities. But it’s those areas outside of my role where I’ve really taken off and pushed myself to new levels. Some of the things I’ve done (or am doing now) include:

  • For several years, I’ve helped organize our internal engineering conference, which I’ve also presented at (including a recent talk on AI Ethics).
  • For a couple of years, I helped organize our innovation and improvement sprints, which we hold throughout the year.
  • I’ve developed and run brainstorming workshops focused on big problems in Education (my “Moonshot Workshops”).
  • I helped launch an advanced team to explore new technologies and their applications in education.
  • I co-created and co-run an internal program to organize technical training sessions for employees (led by employees).
  • I’m currently helping design and lead a new onboarding experience for our new developers.
  • I’m currently taking a novel concept from ideation to released feature (working with several talented people in different areas along the way).

All of the above happened because of D2L’s encouragement to go beyond my role and explore my potential, or as you’ll hear a lot at D2L, to “Be Boundary-less”. And if you come to D2L, you’ll find an environment waiting to support you as you explore your potential and break through your preconceived boundaries.

So, what would you like to try?

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