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Customer Stories

Developing competencies to drive growth

As Dematic’s business grows, it needs to ensure that new employees can quickly gain the competencies they need in order to contribute high-quality work.

  • Using Brightspace to implement a unique CBE experience

    Challenge As a leading teaching hospital in Australia, Epworth Healthcare is responsible for educating the next generation of health professionals through its medical, nursing, and health professional education and training...

  • Building a Competitive Co-operative

    Challenge Building on the success of traditional training and development formats To empower its elected Directors and delegates to enhance their skills, Gay Lea Foods is on a mission to...

  • Planting the seeds of learning worldwide

    Our relationship with D2L is long-standing, and the best part is that it continues to evolve and deepen. Our D2L account manager played a key role in helping us adapt...


Our working relationship with D2L has been wonderful. They're so far above some of the other LMS platforms that I've had the opportunity to work with.

- Joy Karavedas, Senior Director of Research and New Program Development, Orange Lutheran High School

A three-year exercise in frustration became a three-month pathway to success once we started to work with D2L.

- Michael Crowe, Vice President Academic, Bow Valley College

You should absolutely, 100% go with D2L. I’ve been with them for 11 years. The system is incredibly stable. It’s incredibly flexible because what you need right now today may not be the same thing you need five years from now. Businesses evolve. Customers evolve. Things change, and D2L changes with you.

- Connie Ryan, Founder and President, Professional Development Institute

Planting the seeds of learning worldwide

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented visitors from experiencing Longwood Gardens in person, the organization’s education team made that experience virtual by extending its at-home and hybrid learning options. Using D2L Brightspace, Longwood Gardens is engaging a wider audience with the natural world, helping to excite the next generation of horticulturists.

Better serving communities through virtual training

National Education Partners (NEP) partnered with National University System’s Workforce Education Solutions in late 2020 on their Peace Officers Standards and Training courses that provide effective virtual training in critical areas, including community policing. The design includes seamless integrations of documentary-style videos, scenario- and story-based learning activities, and real-world applicable content provided by law enforcement professionals and community leaders. Brightspace’s versatility, personalization options, and ease of use were essential in delivering the program. The course has received positive results since it began in January, with participants indicating it has greatly increased their understanding and ability to better serve their communities.

Creating custom learning experiences at scale

Working with the team at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning offers global executives a unique advantage: world-class leadership training tailored to each client’s needs. To streamline the learner experience, Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning worked with D2L’s Learning Services to rethink its course templates, making it easier to deliver client-specific learning journeys at scale.

Making a seamless shift to virtual customer events

After successfully using D2L’s Brightspace learning management system (LMS) to build a community and provide customers with information and resources during the COVID-19 crisis, PartsSource decided to harness the same platform to host its Partners Symposium—a major event that the company successfully delivered 100% online.

Innovating to maintain professional practice standards

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia (CMTBC), the regulatory body for registered massage therapists (RMTs) in British Columbia, is taking an innovative approach to fulfilling its legislated regulatory mandates by harnessing D2L’s Brightspace platform in two ways. CMTBC uses Brightspace both to deliver the online section of its entry to practice exams for RMTs and also to support ongoing quality assurance through online instruction in specific areas of RMTs’ professional practice, such as boundaries and consent.

Professional development at scale

Cybersecurity is a fast-moving field, and (ISC)² aims to ensure that all its 150,000 members stay on top of the latest developments. Its new Professional Development Institute (PDI) worked with D2L to launch a massively scalable training program, capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of learners in 175 countries.