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Customer Stories

Canadian Marketing Association: Keeping Canada’s Marketers at the Top of Their Game

Busy professionals today increasingly demand more flexibility when it comes to their learning. They want easy, intuitive training that allows them to maintain and upgrade their skills, attain important professional...


Canadian Marketing Association: Creating a Gold Standard for Marketing Excellence

This is how the Canadian Marketing Association partnered with D2L to launch the first designation for Canadian marketers, helping learners thrive in their careers.

Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) – Training the lawyers of tomorrow

Understanding Canadian law is only one aspect of becoming an effective lawyer. Legal professionals also need to earn the trust of their clients, colleagues, and the public, while applying to their practice compassion, respect, and a strong grasp of the operational aspects of law firms. To help new lawyers acquire the skills for success, the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) developed an online learning program using D2L’s Brightspace platform.

College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME)- Launching online learning in two weeks

To extend its reach beyond the top tier of healthcare executives to health workers worldwide, CHIME set out a nine-month implementation plan for a new online education platform. When COVID-19 hit, CHIME worked with D2L to accelerate the launch from nine months to just two weeks, enabling the organization to provide vital support to the healthcare sector from the earliest days of the crisis.

TCASE – Providing peer support in a virtual world

TCASE’s biannual conferences are a lifeline for special education professionals, providing a forum where they can share knowledge with their peers. When the COVID-19 crisis hit Texas, that peer support became even more critical to find solutions to a host of new special education challenges. In pandemic conditions, a face-to-face event simply wasn’t an option—so TCASE pivoted to launch its first virtual conference with support from Zoom and D2L’s Brightspace platform.

Grain and Feed Trade Association – Educating a Global Industry

Educating the grain industry is one of Gafta’s key responsibilities—but with its membership spread across over 95 countries, face-to-face training is not accessible for everyone. Gafta worked with D2L to rejuvenate its distance learning program, providing a better user experience and innovative new courses.

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary – Training Canada’s Coaches to Win

How do you train the next generation of elite coaches, when education has to fit around their busy professional schedules? The Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) has worked with D2L to build a flexible, user-friendly learning platform that makes CSI’s advanced courses accessible for coaches across Canada.