Measure, optimize, and demonstrate
progress and achievement.

Map, analyze, predict, and report learner outcomes to ensure that your organization delivers a quality elearning experience and communicates success to key stakeholders.
  • Individual achievements tracked with any critical knowledge gaps highlighted
  • Progress charted for competencies, learning objectives, and assessment activities
  • Tools to understand connection of learning outcomes at course, program, or organizational levels
Screenshot displaying student progress against competencies

Engage and retain students.

Give teachers the robust analytics tools and actionable insights they need to track student engagement, offer support, and personalize instruction.
  • Predictive algorithm transforms learning data into unique perspectives on academic risk
  • The Risk Quadrant tool visualizes key learning and engagement factors
  • Sociogram Tool compares patterns between social learning and individual success
Screenshot of the Sociogram Tool

Optimize learning outcomes.

Redefine learner success by tracking a variety of quantitative outcome metrics that drive academic performance and help improve program design and delivery.
  • The Interactive Grades Target tool presents unique, combined, and cumulative view of progress
  • Rubric analytics deliver comprehensive insight into assessments and activities
  • Engagement analytics report on learner interaction and communication
Screenshot of Interactive Grades Target tool

The following products are included in this solution:

Brightspace Learning Environment

Our LMS offers all the tools and resources needed to ensure a personalized and mobile-ready online and blended learning experiences.

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Brightspace Insights™

Measure and guide student performance.

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