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LMS for Extended Enterprise Learning

Streamline Learning Across Your Organization

Scale your learning programs and engage multiple audiences. Do it all with the Extended Administration Solution flexible enough to reach every learner
and powerful enough to drive your bottom line.

Deliver Training Across Your Ecosystem
With the All-in-One Platform

  • Unleash Employee

    Attract, engage and retain employees by creating a flexible, scalable culture of learning and leadership.

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  • Turn Customers Into
    Brand Champions

    Support and inform them with training programs designed to drive lasting engagement and retention.

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  • Grow Your Partner

    Equip partners with product, service and solution training to protect your brand and increase revenue.

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  • Keep Members
    Coming Back

    Engage new and existing members with meaningful learning experiences and unlock new revenue streams.

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Reach Every Learner

Deliver engaging, accessible learning experiences tailored to employees, departments, customers, partners and members. It’s easy with multiple domains for different audiences.

Manage Multiple Domains

Launch dedicated learning domains for audiences across your ecosystem. Create admins for each domain so they can manage learning, while you maintain central control of users, content and permissions.

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Customize and Scale With Ease

  • Personalize training. Tailor content and custom-brand each domain to engage your audiences. 
  • Streamline workflows. Give admin rights to managers while maintaining control of the overall platform. 
  • Evolve and grow. Extend and expand your training and learning programs as your business grows. 

Deliver Award-Winning Learning
With a Leading LMS

Rock Solid and Secure

With a track record of security leadership, we prioritize your safety and privacy.
We meet and exceed all major compliance, security and data protection certifications
to ensure that your highly sensitive information is protected.

Together, the Possibilities Are Endless

From migration to course design and everything in between,
it’s you to the power of partnership.

Learning Services

Create fantastic learning experiences with our proven course design and development approach.

Onboarding Services

Get up to speed quickly with our personalized, people-first approach.

Customer Support Services

Keep the momentum going post-launch with customized and flexible support.

Optimization Services

Get the attention and care you need to take your results to the next level.


  • Extended enterprise learning helps large organizations, or those with multiple audiences, to craft and deliver aligned content and learning experiences to affiliated groups within and across the organization. Affiliated groups can:
    • Deliver and manage learning based on unique needs, branding and identity
    • Improve engagement by creating relevant, personalized experiences tailored to audience needs
    • Improve coverage and quality by decentralizing learner, course and completion management
    • Build and share standardized learning paths

  • Multiple domains allow you to delegate learning administration and management to others, while maintaining central control over users, content and permissions. There is no limit for how many domains can be supported with the Extended Administration Solution.

  • If you’re looking to deliver training and learning experiences to various business units that are managed in isolation using multiple training solutions, our Extended Administration Solution can help. It’s currently available in North America and supports the English language.

  • Learners can complete payment when they self-register for a learning opportunity from the course catalog. The following payment options are available: charge my department, mail a check, or pay via website.

Every Journey Starts With a First Step—Let’s Take It Together

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