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LXP and Upskilling Platform

Your Team Today Is Your Competitive Edge Tomorrow

Make an immediate impact on skill and talent initiatives that drive your organization’s success with D2L for Business.


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Ditch the Spreadsheets and Ad Hoc Requests

Using spreadsheets to log learning requests? Don’t make it harder than it needs to be. Show the old way the door and shift to strategic, efficient, data-driven learning. It’s time for a corporate learning solution that supports business goals and prepares your employees for the future of work.

Fill Skill Gaps with Business-Aligned Learning

Skills Management

Disjointed learning programs can’t quickly address skill gaps, but aligning your program strategically with business needs can.

Course Authoring

It takes a lot to create engaging training: time, effort, expertise. With AI-driven course authoring and a team of instructional designers to do the heavy lifting, you’ll take back time for more important work.

Learning Analytics

Data is usually messy and hard to interpret. Bring all your learning program data under one roof so you can easily access and understand it—and prove your program’s ROI.

Support From D2L Is Top Notch

Tompkins specifically went with D2L because of the opportunity that you provided for us to provide content in all areas of learning.

– Melissa Stein , Tompkins Financial
Upskilling Content

Upskilling Platform and Skills Management

Constantly hiring thanks to resignations and skills gaps?

Develop talent pipelines and career pathways aligned to your business objectives with the help of our skills consultants and AI-driven technology.

  • Upskilling

    Offer your employees a curated catalog of courses and programs from world-class education providers, giving them reputable learning that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

  • Skills Mapping

    Together with our Skills Consultant, complete a comprehensive skills audit to set the stage for managing your organization’s skills gaps. Then provide learning pathways for your teams so they can upskill. 

  • Career Pathways

    Engage and retain your top talent with career growth and internal mobility. Easily offer learning and development that employees want and that align with your business needs and goals.

  • Tuition Benefit Oversight

    No more spreadsheets. See your investment, employee progress and workforce skill development all in one place. Plus, direct billing means no reimbursements.

Personalized Learning Content

LXP and Custom Course Creation

Tired of spending hours creating and updating training that just isn’t engaging?

Let our instructional designers and AI-supported technology help you create and deliver learner-focused customized training and onboarding—anywhere.

  • Course Authoring

    AI-supported technology has made creating engaging learning content easier than ever. With interactive multimedia features and branded templates, anyone can design an effective learner-focused course—no coding required.

  • Instructional Design

    Build courses yourself or let us do it for you. Save time and money by having our team of in-house designers—largely made up of former educators—create courses for your teams.

  • Personalized Learning

    Automate personalized learning pathways for different roles and business functions so employees only see what’s relevant and valuable. Encourage continuous learning based on their behaviors.

  • Accessibility

    Learn anytime, anywhere and however you need. Fully compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 Level AAA standards and with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, 1973—and fully accessible on mobile and offline, too.

Learning Analytics

Centralized Learning Analytics

Can’t demonstrate that learning is contributing to business objectives and ROI?

Our readily available organization-wide insights will let you see what’s working—and how to maximize your investment.

  • Workforce Readiness

    See all the skills your employees have developed—and the areas where they could use a boost. Monitor trends and make data-informed decisions about where you can grow your competitive advantage.

  • Comprehensive Dashboards

    See everything from your investment dollars at work to your employees’ progress. You’ll get consolidated views through easy-to-understand and actionable dashboards.

  • Custom Reporting

    Want to dive deeper? Upskilling a specific cohort of employees? We can help you access and present more data so you can keep your leadership teams informed.

  • Integrations

    Save time by letting data flow quickly and securely. Connect to your HRIS, HCM or ERP systems. Plus, with our payment integration, employees can pay for learning on one platform, no matter the provider.

Redefining the ROI of Corporate Learning

In an era of economic uncertainty, organizations need to be able to show the impact of their work in all areas—corporate learning included.

But how do modern-day organizations figure out bottom-line impact? We wanted to find out. So we asked 329 learning leaders like you.

Get the inside scoop on:

  • How organizations rate their learning programs’ effectiveness
  • The ways in which they define and measure success
  • What the future looks like for assessing the impact of corporate learning initiatives

We Hate To Brag, but We’re Pretty Good at What We Do

Set Yourself Apart With D2L for Business

Empower your people, maximize returns and make learning your competitive advantage with our complete learning solution for your workforce.