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Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right LMS for Employee Training

Find the right platform and partner ready to provide the features, functionalities, and expertise you need to meet and exceed your goals.

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About the Buyer’s Guide

Learning management systems are transforming how organizations deliver professional development and training experiences.

But with increased demand comes higher expectations from everyone—employees, administrators, trainers and leaders alike. Employees, the consumers of content, expect it to be relevant and easy to access. Trainers want to be able to create, curate and customize the best content possible. The organization needs to know that learning is having an impact—whether boosting retention, driving skills development or getting learners up to speed fast.

To do all of that, you need the right LMS and partner. This guide walks you through the process.

Find the Right Employee Training LMS

Key trends impacting your employees’ and your organization’s training needs.


Top features and functionalities to be on the lookout for when comparing LMSs.


Important questions to ask to get to know more about each vendor.