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2022 Survey of College and University Presidents

Exploring the future of educational institutions from a president’s perspective

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Each year, Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research conduct an in-depth survey of presidents of higher education institutions in the United States to get a snapshot of their perspectives on what the future holds for colleges and universities.

This year’s survey explored the respondents’ confidence in the financial stability of their institutions, with most of those surveyed being optimistic that they’d be able to find balance over the next five to 10 years. The research also investigates the power of politics, policy and image as they pertain to an institution’s success.

Download the full survey to read more about:

  • the financial picture across institutions
  • COVID-19’s impact on higher education
  • remote learning and virtual work
  • the rise of online and hybrid courses
  • the mental health needs of students and educators
  • diversity and inclusion issues