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Tap Into Professional Learning Communities With D2L

Teaching and learning are dynamic processes in which new challenges and opportunities present themselves daily. Create an avenue for teachers to reflect, innovate and collaborate so they can continuously make curricular and pedagogical improvements by tapping into Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) with D2L.

What Is a PLC?

PLCs provide collaborative environments in which facets of teaching and learning are explored in the spirit of inquiry, experimentation and innovation. A central component of PLCs is an overarching focus on student success. Teachers and leaders come together at the school, district or state level to share their ideas and experiences to improve practices and enhance student learning.

As well as improving student success, teachers are given the opportunity to contribute to best practices and innovation in their schools, which helps them become more engaged as they grow and develop in their careers. Being part of a strong and supportive community where ideas are valued is an important factor in teacher retention*.

Create an Innovative Professional Learning Community

Create an Innovative Professional Learning Community

Easily create the infrastructure and remove the limitations of time and place for your PLC by using D2L Brightspace. Teachers, principals and administrators are no longer constrained to meeting on certain days for all of their learning and collaboration. Instead, these stakeholders can be part of ongoing, consistent discussions where they share successes and failures, iterate on ideas, and test new techniques.

  • Foster Ongoing Collaboration

    With 24/7 access, community members can engage when it’s most convenient for them, creating opportunities for diverse and meaningful contribution. In addition to any in-person collaboration, conversation can happen remotely through a Virtual Classroom or integration with videoconferencing tools, and asynchronously using the Discussion Board or Video Notes.
  • Share Learning Community Leadership

    Principals, administrators and teachers all collaborate in PLCs to share the leadership of delivering on the community mission. It’s easy for everyone to voice their ideas on Brightspace, and with custom Roles and Groups, the experience can be tailored to fit your unique PLC goals.
  • Organize and Access Resources

    Keep all your PLC policies, projects, meeting recordings and research in a single place for members to easily review and revisit. Schedule meetings in the Calendar, send reminders through the Activity Feed and ensure everyone has access to resources and recordings even if they miss a meeting.
  • Enhance Communication Across Your School or District

    When teachers and leaders have a space that is dedicated to articulating challenges, sharing ideas and coming up with solutions, it helps to both promote and streamline communication. Creating a space to achieve these goals is seamless with Brightspace’s suite of engaging tools.
  • Promote Best Practices

    Teachers experience the PLC space in the same way that a student experiences a course in Brightspace, giving them insight into best practices in setting up their own classrooms. The PLC may use different tools or innovative solutions in Brightspace that inspire teachers to try something new.
  • Measure PLC Impact

    Teachers and leaders can keep track of real-time reflections on implementing PLC findings with tools like Portfolio or Discussions. PLC adoption and engagement can be easily measured and analyzed with data tools in Brightspace, enabling the community to track their success.

Incorporate Resources That Amplify Your Teaching Community

Creating a shared space for PLCs in Brightspace is just one of the ways that D2L supports learning communities. We know that mastery of teaching and learning tools, collaborating with diverse perspectives, and accessing professional learning opportunities are all part of a holistic teaching community, which is why we offer a range of supportive resources.

Brightspace Community

The Brightspace Community is the primary destination for D2L’s users to find answers to any questions they have about features and functionality. You’ll find product information, release notes, documentation, videos and webinars that answer simple and complex questions. It’s also a place to share product ideas with D2L and support other users with tips and tricks. The Brightspace Community can play a helpful role in PLCs in finding and discussing innovative solutions.

Facebook Group

The D2L Brightspace for K–12 Facebook group is a place for educators who are using Brightspace to connect with and learn from one another. It’s a great place to ask questions, share tips and learn from the success of other educators around the world. Connecting with teachers globally presents an opportunity for both individual teachers and PLCs to leverage a diverse range of perspectives and experiences to enhance student learning.

Teaching and Learning Studio

Access free, high-quality professional learning focused on helping teachers master the art and science of their profession. Each 60–90-minute Master Class will cover a specific area of teaching and learning. With certifications and dozens of effective, researched resources made available for continued reading and exposure, you will be set up to master teaching and learning elements through manageable scaffolding. Ignite ideas in your PLC through the Teaching and Learning Studio.

Leverage the Holistic Tools and Resources D2L Has To Offer.

Get started with building your innovative PLC today—we’re here to support you every step of the way.