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Episode 8 - Teach & Learn

Upskilling and the Future of Education Series – Part One, with Dr. Marie Cini and Dr. David Soo

Join us for a discussion on the future of education, breaking the societal stigma around degrees and the role of universities, employers and policymakers in upskilling and reskilling.

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Episode Description

Today’s episode is the first in a series we’re running on upskilling and the future of education. We look at why traditional methods of delivering post-secondary education are outdated, what can be done to address the societal stigma about not having a degree and offer suggestions for a way forward. To discuss these issues further, we welcomed Dr. Marie Cini, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at University of the People and Dr. David Soo, Vice President at Jobs for the Future. Dr. Cini, Dr. Soo and Dr. Ford chatted about:

  • Employers and the promise of skills-based hiring
  • What workers, companies and institutions can do to future proof jobs
  • Lessons learned from past boot camps and micro-credentialing initiatives
  • The role policymakers play in upskilling and reskilling

Show Notes

01:10: An introduction to Dr. Marie Cini and Dr. David Soo

04:21: Dr. Cini discusses the uptake and results of free post-secondary education at University of the People

07:57: Dr. David Soo speaks on why there is still a stigma around not having a degree

09:46: What gen Z wants from a college education and how to break societal and institutional structures around the 4-year degree requirement for jobs

12:16: What workers and companies can do to help future-proof jobs

17:08: Why higher ed institutes should approach working with employers as a partnership.

22:59: Takeaways from past bootcamp and micro-credential models

27:03: Dr. Cini discusses the importance of soft skills

32:06: Dr. Soo discusses the role of policy makers in the upskilling and reskilling of workers

32:21: Closing the equity gap and digital divide in education

34:42: How educators, institutions and corporations can be more intentional about lifelong and flexible learning


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