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D2L Survey Finds Boosting Enrollment Top Priority for Higher Education

D2L’s Student Success Reimagined Webinar Survey Reveals Top Trends Advancing and Impacting the Higher Education Market

Press Release

D2L, a global learning technology company transforming the way the world learns, today announced the results of its November 2021 Student Success Reimagined webinar survey. In this survey, D2L polled 171 higher education leaders across North America — including professors, deans, student success advisors, IT executives — to determine the biggest obstacles to student success during the COVID-19 pandemic and the approaches their institutions are taking to resolve them. Here are the results:

What is the most significant way your institution fostered student success during COVID-19?

  • Establishing new technology to support hybrid/high-flex learning models – 41%
  • Financial support programs – 17%
  • Diversity, equity and/or inclusion initiatives – 14%
  • Mental health initiatives – 11%
  • Accessible or assistive learning – 10%
  • Supporting socioeconomic burdens – 7%

Over the past two years, where have you noticed the greatest drop-off for students at your institution and/or at other institutions?

  • Lower enrollment – 30%
  • Absences (online and in-person) – 29%
  • Disengagement/decreased concentration during classes – 23%
  • Financial pressure or not enough tuition assistance – 8%
  • Incomplete coursework or learning gaps – 8%
  • On-time graduation concerns – 2%

What do you anticipate will be the most important pain point to solve for in the coming years?

  • Boosting declining enrollment and re-enrollment rates – 43%
  • Improving mental health programs for students and faculty – 21%
  • Graduation delays or drop-outs – 13%
  • Funding more diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives – 13%
  • Establishing more financial assistance programs – 10%

For in-depth analysis and visuals related to this survey, please view D2L’s webinar survey report here.

“Boosting enrollment rates and establishing new technology to support hybrid and high-flex learning models are top-of-mind for educators,” said Jeff Borden, D2L’s Chief Academic and Vice President of Academic Affairs. “At the end of the day, we know there is no silver bullet for success. On the pragmatic side, finances matter. But when it comes to student well-being, we are seeing more administrators ask how they can support, understand and work with the ‘whole’ learner. It is wonderful to see so many schools taking a holistic view. At D2L, we are dedicated to helping all learners reach their potential, and these survey results align with the trends that we’ve been seeing in the higher education space.”


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