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D2L Support Schedule (May 2, 2018)

Last modified: May 2, 2018

Support shall be as specified below.  These terms are subject to change in the reasonable discretion of D2L.  Support fees are set forth in the applicable Order.

  1. Approved Support Contact Name(s) (ASC). Client shall provide name(s) of its Approved Support Contact(s) (ASC) to D2L. Approved Support Contact(s) will have privileges to log and monitor Application assistance, help desk and remote support, upgrades, fixes, and other services set out in this Support Schedule (“Support”). Approved Support Contact(s) may access D2L’s client website (www.Brightspace.com) for information about how to obtain documentation and available upgrades. The Approved Support Contact may contact D2L Support up to the number of queries, or user-identified concerns about the Services (“Incidents”) specified below in section 12 based on the level of Support selected. ASCs can submit an Incident using chat via the Web Portal. Chat is English only for Admin support packages. If Client has selected a support package that allows for Group ASCs, Client’s named administrators can be part of group that uses a common ASC profile. Client shall provide to D2L the list of named ASCs with contact information that will be part of the group.  Such groups are limited to 10 ASCs.
  2. Support. D2L provides Support to Client during the times specified in the table below in section 12 based on the level of Support selected. Support includes (i) access by Client ASCs to the D2L Community, which contains documentation (e.g., user guides, how-to guides, release notes), knowledgebase, known issues list, community blog, self-paced learning admin videos, technical resources, etc.; and (ii) access to the Product Idea Exchange portal within the Brightspace Community where faculty, ASCs and other non-student roles can submit new feature requests, and promote or comment on existing feature requests. Support is available to record Incidents, explain the functions and features of the Services and clarify the contents of Documentation.  Incidents may be submitted through D2L’s web-based portal, or using a predefined D2L Support email address, or by calling the D2L helpdesk. The number of Incidents per month the Client is allowed as part of the support package is set out in the table in section 12 below. Support includes monthly updates and fixes for current versions of the D2L product suite, as well as access to a dynamic system status page providing insight into Client’s uptime, performance and availability real time.
  3. Remote Access. To allow D2L to assess Incidents in the Services, Client shall use reasonable efforts to permit D2L remote access to Client’s systems.
  4. Additional Approved Support Contact(s); Number of Contacts. Additional Approved Support Contact(s), beyond the one(s) currently included in the Order, are available at additional cost.
  5. Escalation. If D2L is unable to resolve a request in a reasonable length of time, or if the priority or severity of the request changes due to external factors, the request will be escalated. D2L support may request additional information to assist in the understanding of the problem. Escalation may require further research by the Help Desk, consultation of other D2L support staff members, and/or consultation with the D2L development team.
  6. Other Services. Client may not use Support for services other than Support. Services not identified in this Schedule, including training, implementation, modifications, configuration and communications, will be charged at the applicable Consulting rates, except for out-of-pocket and per diem expenses.
  7. Language of Support. All Support will be provided in the English language unless agreed otherwise in the Order. If Support is provided in another language without written agreement or modification through an Order, then there is no guarantee of follow-up or to provide further Support in a language other than English.
  8. Termination. Support is terminated when the Agreement expires or is terminated.
  9. Client Default in Payment. If Client is in default for payment under the Agreement, D2L may, at its option, (a) charge a reinstatement fee to reinstate Support and charge for future Support according to D2L’s then-current support policies; or (b) decline to provide Client Support.
  10. End Users. If Client elects to purchase optional end user support, end user support for questions about the Services will be available to Client’s end users via the options listed in the table in section 13 based on the level of support selected.
  11. Vendor Service Support. Support for Services provided by the third-party vendors listed below (and acquired by Client from D2L) is available as outlined in the table below.
Service Third-party Vendor Support
Course Merchant Connected Shopping Inc. For assistance, Client may submit an Incident to D2L Support. Should D2L determine that the Support Incident pertains to Course Merchant, D2L shall redirect Client to Connected Shopping Inc.’s support services for additional assistance. Course Merchant shall be responsible for such Support.


  1. Admin Support Features Table
Features Core Support Plus Support Platinum Support
Support Access
D2L Online Community Access 24x7x365
Product Idea Exchange (PIE) Portal 24x7x365
Incidents included 60 per year Unlimited
Approved Support Contacts (ASCs) 2 ASCs 3 ASCs 5 ASCs
Telephone Incident Reporting 8:00am to 8:00pm (Local Time) Mon-Fri 24x7x365 24x7x365 Dedicated 800#
Web Portal Incident Reporting 24x7x365
Chat Incident Reporting 8:00am to 8:00pm (Local Time) Mon-Fri 24x7x365
Email Incident Reporting 24x7x365
Languages English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Enhanced Support Options
Priority Incident and Call Center Queuing (based on chosen support package) n/a n/a Included
Priority Major Incident Management (Outage) n/a n/a Included
Priority Follow the Sun Support for P1 issues n/a Included
Group ASC n/a Included
Premier Account Services
Technical Account Management (TAM) Optional Optional Included Shared 1:10 (optional: shared 1:5 / shared 1:2 / dedicated)
Other Services
Support Review Meetings n/a Semi-Annual Quarterly
Product Road Map Reviews n/a n/a Included
Reporting, Metrics and Analysis
Incident Reports n/a Monthly (on request) Monthly
Historical Incident Access (via helpdesk portal) Included via the Helpdesk Portal
Service Level Objective (SLO) Reports (access to SLO metrics and achievement rates) n/a Monthly (on request) Monthly
Cloud Performance Dashboard Included
Product Version Updates/Fixes Monthly
Post Incident Summary Reporting n/a For P1 Incidents (on request) For P1 Incidents (on request)
Test Environment Refresh n/a 1 per year 1 per year


  1. End User Support Features Table
Features Basic End User Support Standard End User Support Branded End User Support
Support Access
D2L Online Community Access 24x7x365
Incidents included Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Admin Support Level Required (Min) Core Core Plus
Telephone Incident Reporting N/A 24x7x365
D2L EU 800#
Branded 800#
Chat Incident Reporting 24x7x365
Email Incident Reporting 24x7x365
Languages English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Enhanced Support Options
Priority Incident and Call Center Queuing (based on chosen support package) n/a n/a Included
Other Services
Support Review Meetings Annually Semi-Annual Quarterly
Quality Review Meetings Annually Semi-Annual Quarterly
Incident Analysis and Review Annually Semi-Annual Quarterly
Reporting, Metrics and Analysis
Standard End User Reports Included Included Included
Custom End User Reports n/a n/a 5 custom reports included