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Personalized Learning for Every Student

D2L Brightspace helps support personalized models to power next-generation learning. We’re here to help teachers do what they do best, understand where their students are today and help guide them to where they need to be tomorrow.

Supporting Social Emotional Learning Guide Contact us to learn more about Access to Flexible Learning with Brightspace

Recognizing each student’s lived experience and social, emotional, and academic journeys can help us accelerate learning today and build a more student-centered, resilient system tomorrow. By personalizing student growth models, D2L Brightspace can help teachers authentically build on an individual’s strengths, interests, and needs in order to accelerate continued development and enrichment.

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Individualized instruction and support

Teachers can provide additional support for students struggling with a concept, or automatically surface enrichment opportunities for high performers. Conditional release of materials helps scaffolding and differentiation so students can comfortably progress at their own pace.

Teachers can add additional time on quizzes or modify due dates using Accommodations, and native tools help to make courses fully accessible. For students with special needs, the built-in Virtual Classroom acts as a real-time office hour and supports students along their learning journey.

Flexible learning pathways

Providing a variety of options for the time, place, and modality of schooling can support student agency, equity, and engagement. D2L Brightspace supports flexibility via:

Content: Teachers can increase relevance and inclusiveness to boost engagement and motivation with highly tailored programs at the course and content levels.

Modality: The freedom to create virtual and hybrid options, flipped and asynchronous experiences and virtual learning communities is crucial to help meet student needs.

Differentiation: Content flexibility and universal design are important for students to meaningfully build on their current understanding.

Alternative metrics of success

D2L Brightspace supports mastery-based learning (MBL), also known as competency-based learning. MBL is an important approach for learning growth, enabling students to progress through a personalized learning pathway to reach and demonstrate their mastery of learning objectives. By basing student progress on demonstrated mastery of a learning goal—independent of the instructional time spent on task—we can build student-centered paths that make the best use of teacher/student time and better set up students for success.

Reach learners of all ages around the globe

For nonreaders and early readers, D2L Brightspace offers age-appropriate icons and “Funster mode,” where little ones can showcase their growth in Portfolio. As students mature, offer them more advanced features, like the ability to self-enroll in supplemental courses.

For English language learners with various language needs, D2L Brightspace auto-generates closed-captions for videos in different languages with Video Note. Various language translations of the platform are available and content translation can be provided through our partners. There are also many opportunities to incorporate audio and video instead of (or in addition to) text throughout the platform.

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An accessible digital classroom

D2L Brightspace is the only learning innovation platform that includes accessibility tools and features aligned with WCAG 2.1 AAA. This commitment to Universal Design for Learning (UDL) means our platform is designed with accessibility in mind and is interoperable with assistive technologies. We support teachers in technology, content and pedagogy, so courses are more accessible for students with disabilities in each of these areas.

  • Our standards-compliant technology platform and tools allow teachers and students using assistive technologies to easily create and access learning content and activities.
  • Built-in accessibility checking tools and accessible course templates assist with making great content for everyone.
  • Numerous features in D2L Brightspace allow differentiation in instruction, assessment, and engagement, and enable teachers to align their pedagogy with the principles of UDL.

We are a trusted partner for schools that care as deeply as we do about using technology to make education more accessible. We’re passionate about helping teachers create and deliver transformative learning experiences that ensure all learners achieve more than they dreamed possible.

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