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Share access to courses and help provide a seamless and consistent learner experience with Course Publisher

Easily distribute updated versions of course content, manage access licenses, and collect meaningful analytics—all automatically from your Brightspace environment. Gone are the days of deployment struggles and cumbersome management steps for courses, users, and authentication.
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Who is Course Publisher for?

Course Publisher helps any college or university extend its reach by bringing your Brightspace courses to external users, wherever they are.

Need to share a course with a partner school? Course Publisher has your back, no matter what academic learning management system (LMS) they’re running.

Looking to offer upskilling or continuing education content to a local employer? Course Publisher makes it as easy as pie, and it already works with existing human resources systems.

Keep your focus on teaching and learning, skip the user management and authentication challenges, and meet learners where they are with Brightspace Course Publisher.

The benefits of centrally hosting and distributing your courses using Brightspace Course Publisher

Extend your courses’ reach

With Course Publisher, you can expand and extend the reach of your and your partners’ courses throughout any network group. In addition, you will have the visibility you’ve always wanted in order to understand how many learners are using your courses.

Make sure content is always up to date

Creating, sharing, and maintaining accurate courses is critical but can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. With Course Publisher, when an update is made to your courses in Brightspace, learners will automatically access the latest and most up-to-date content. Real-time course updates to all your clients’ LMS’s are now within reach.

Decrease administrative burdens

The responsibility of managing different versions of courses often rests with your team or partners, who must update new versions of their own LMS. Tracking which version your partners have can also be a challenge. The Course Publisher solution reduces the burdens for both.

Gain actionable insights and analytical data

Real-time data, aggregated reports, and all data and analytics features available within Brightspace can be used to track the effectiveness of your training/learning programs across all users, empowering you to make strategic decisions about your subject matter. .

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