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Level Up Your Learning Strategy Part 3 – Design Strategy

As a professional responsible for designing content that supports your organization’s learning goals, the question is: How are we presenting this information and these resources to our learners to most effectively support their learning? Join Joey Stapleton and Shayne Fogle, D2L Senior Instructional Designers, as they cover how to create engaging learning experiences aligned with your organization’s learning and content strategies.

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Learn how to:

Establish pedagogically sound design standards aligned with your organization’s learning and content strategies

Choose modalities and methods based on learning goals

Support your design standards using content authoring tools

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  • As a leader responsible for your organization’s overall learning strategy, the question is: How do we ensure our L&D efforts are focused on the key skills and knowledge that will drive business success? Join Joanne Struch, D2L Learning Strategy Consultant, as she discusses how to build a learning strategy that will align with your business goals to maximize the impact of your learning programs.

    Learn how to:

    • identify an organizational vision for learning
    • align learning goals with business strategy
    • align stakeholders with competing priorities
  • As a leader responsible for designing your organization’s learning programs and content roadmaps, the question is: What information and resources do we need to share with our learners to achieve our learning goals, and how do we meet the needs of our learners? Join Shereen Seoudi and Joey Stapleton, D2L Senior Instructional Designers, as they cover how to create a content strategy that aligns with your learning objectives and supports the needs of your learners.

    Learn how to:

    • develop learning programs aligned to specific business goals
    • develop a content roadmap for your organization
    • identify appropriate content formats, delivery methods and timing to maximize impact of your content

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