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The New Community Has Officially Arrived

Thanks to everyone who helped us launch the new D2L Brightspace Community. Bingo was a blast. The contest is over, but the new community is just getting started. Go bask in the enhanced experience.

Community Enhancements

Here are just a few things you can expect from the new D2L Brightspace Community:

  • Easy to Use

    A sleek and modern navigation that’s easy to use

  • Searchable

    Search capabilities that are predictive and super accurate

  • Personalized

    Personalized journeys based on your vertical, role and unique needs

  • Connected

    More opportunities to connect with your peers and D2L experts

What People Are Saying About the New Community

I love the new design layout! It’s much more user-friendly, and it’s easier to search for and find the documentation that you need. Mary Smith
The new D2L Brightspace Community is very sleek and well designed. The navbar has all the important subjects listed for easy access. A great improvement. Kathleen Benn
I really like the new look of the Community. It is very easy to search and find what I am looking for. Shelley Hire
I’m having fun looking around. Love the new navigation. Jonathan Sorrenti
I like that you can filter the portal resources down to your role within the system. I also like that the release notes are placed in drop-downs by year now. I do appreciate the troubleshooting questions in the documentation, especially for learners, so that they have this resource available instead of always needing to contact their institution’s IT department. Madeline Renken
It’s bright and vibrant. Great job! Michael Porterfield
The new Brightspace Community is easy to navigate. I appreciate that documentation has a specific area. The navigation at the top is easy to understand and manage. Overall, this is a much better experience. Sheila Unwin
I love the bright colors, and being able to find what I need quickly and easily is great. I really love that Brightspace is consolidating Product Ideas Exchange ideas in the hopes of faster development turnaround. Stephanie Hill
Absolutely love it. Much easier to find what I am looking for! Elanore Novak
When I’m on the D2L Community, I’m usually looking for advice on an issue and need a quick answer, so the layout is important to find what I need quickly. I like the complete directory of learning center offerings that I found straight away. I also like the popular tags area so I can see what’s trending. Allison Bright

Experience the New Community

The best news of all? We’re not done yet. We’ll be constantly enhancing your experience as we continue to learn and grow together. Join a vibrant community of innovative educators, professionals and change-makers who are shaping the future of work and learning.