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Tails from the D2L Dog Blog – Meet Archie


Woof! My name is Archie, and my mummy and daddy both work as Software Developers at D2L! I love that they work at a place that lets me join them sometimes, it’s the best; you wouldn’t believe the number of pats that I get and how nice everyone is to me. Since not everywhere lets owners bring their dogs to work, I often get asked by my canine friends what it’s like to go to work at D2L in their Technology, Engineering and Design (TED) organization, so let me jump right in….


My day begins the same most days, get up in the morning, eat, drink, go outside to do my business; you know, the usual. But once I realize that I get to go to work with mummy and daddy, my tail just can’t handle it. Once we get into work, I like to find my spot for the day, grab some treats and a belly rub and have nap #1. I usually chill there until about 9:45, when I get woken up by the “ding” sounds of all the team members around me, letting them know that in 15 minutes they have their standup for the morning. It’s the same routine, day in and day out. Pavlov’s Dog? Pffft, more like Pavlov’s Dev, am I right?!

When mummy and daddy are working, I like to chew on my rawhide and take naps while they are staring at the glowy screens, but sometimes I get worried by how long they stare so I make sure to remind them that I am here and would like some pats by putting my head on them. I don’t really know what being a Software Developer means, but I know that they frown a lot at their glowy boxes like they do at me when I dig in the yard so maybe the box was digging holes. They work with a lot of technical people, and some non-technical people too. They all give me pats and it’s very exciting; I love to get pats especially chin scratches and belly rubs.


Working on my floor with TED is a little bit different than working on the 4th floor, like Tigger did with the People and Culture team. There are lots of similarities though, like working with awesome people, and seeing the humans run when they hear “Lunch Lady is here!!!!”. That and remembering to use my inside bark when I see people I know; I just get so excited about coming to work I can’t contain myself somedays. From what I see, a lot of the humans feel the same way about working at D2L, so that’s a good thing right?

If you’ve got a human that could be a fit for a technical role at D2L, tell them about being able to bring you to work! Maybe you’ll both be happier for the change; they can apply online at



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