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Growth and Opportunity Through Admin Support at D2L

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Product support analysts (PSAs) are the primary point of contact for our client technical teams and offer world-class support to D2L Brightspace administrators globally. As a PSA, your work has a wide reach and huge impact on education all around the globe. You support our clients, and we support you. 

Gabriel Thurm is a product support specialist (PSS) at D2L. He joined the team in April 2022 as a PSA and has since become a PSS. We sat down with Gabriel to hear first-hand what it’s like to work on the Administrator Support team.

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What’s a typical day in the life of a PSA at D2L?  

You can expect to be on live channels supporting our customers through phone and chat. You also receive work via email, with all interactions being logged in a support case through our ticketing system. 

Outside of those responsibilities, you’ll attend team meetings, training/personal development sessions and technical huddles to work on complex cases. Plus, our team makes sure to schedule time to socialize during low volume-seasons, whether it’s a virtual happy hour to play games or an in-person team activity.

What skills are essential for being a successful PSA? 

PSAs at D2L are skilled communicators and multitaskers. You need to be organized, have strong attention to detail and curiosity to investigate an issue—finding the root cause and solving it. SQL is widely used by our Support team, so experience working with SQL queries and databases is important. PSAs work directly with the Brightspace administrators, so you also need to have great customer service skills as well as the ability to talk to clients with all levels of technical abilities.

“If I had to pick the top 3 things needed for this role, it would be SQL, multitasking (including prioritizing and organization) and help desk experience working with a ticketing system.” – Judith Leon, Manager, Admin Support 

Did you know? PSA’s support D2L customers globally, so we’re always looking for folks who speak Spanish, French or Brazilian Portuguese along with English to join the team.  

How can my career grow in support at D2L?  

A role in support can be the beginning of a flourishing career journey. Working as a PSA helps you develop a strong understanding of D2L’s products and clients. As your technical expertise grows, so can your career. The typical career progression after PSA would be PSS followed by technical support analyst (TSA). These roles are exclusively hired from within, so a career in support means there can be so much room for growth in the team.  

D2L employees are able to express interest in any open role within the company, so some D2Lers have also moved to roles outside of the support team.

Meet some other D2Lers who flourished through support.

  • Rob Peña image
    Rob Peña

    Test Developer, D2L

  • Pilar Medina Norena image
    Pilar Medina Norena

    Learning Administration Manager, D2L

  • Michelle Tran image
    Michelle Tran

    Technical Support Analyst, D2L

We’re always on the lookout for our next great team member. If support sounds like the perfect match for you, check out our open roles.

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  2. Meet some other D2Lers who flourished through support.