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The Complete Guide to Competency-Based Education

CBE is helping schools, institutions and organizations deliver learning experiences that translate to practical, provable outcomes and true skill mastery.

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The Complete Guide to Social Learning

Find out what social learning is and how it can be used at all ages and stages of learning.

How To Create an Effective Onboarding Process

Learn how to create an employee onboarding process to help train and retain new hires.

Employee Training and Development: A Concise Guide to Success

Find out what the differences are between training and development and how great programs can help your employees and company be successful.

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Take Your Data From Collecting Dust to Driving Results

Learning Analytics helps you track progress, identify challenges and make data-driven decisions. Our goal is to help you achieve success by aiding with visualizations, dashboards, enablement and other value services.

What Is the ADDIE Model of Instructional Design

Understand what the ADDIE model of instructional design is and how it can help learners achieve their educational goals.

Navigating Change Management in Higher Education 

In this guide, get an understanding of what change management is and different approaches for your institution to use when implementing a shift.

You’ll also find details on how to successfully manage the change to a new learning management system, including relatable stories and helpful advice from your peer institutions that have lived through successful change management.

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