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Easily Find and Prioritize Student Submissions With Quick Eval

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Paige O'Grady
Paige O'Grady

Product Marketing Manager


Student success can be improved when instructors and teachers provide high-quality feedback, but this can be a time-consuming task. With Quick Eval in D2L Brightspace, it’s easy to find and prioritize student submissions to help provide feedback faster.

A Central View

With one spot to see all student submissions, Quick Eval is helpful for both:

  • instructors and teachers who want to collect student submissions from a variety of courses and activities
  • reviewers and evaluators who are evaluating based on submission dates and want to see a single list of the work they need to complete.

Easy to Prioritize

Do you want to provide feedback on what has been sitting in the queue for the longest time? The list is automatically sorted by oldest submissions first. But it is also easy to organize the list in the way that you would like to work, such as by student first name, last name, activity and course.

It’s easy for instructors and evaluators to complete all assessments for one assignment, discussion or quiz, before moving on to the next task by using the activity view. They can quickly see the progress on submissions and evaluations, as well as the progress on publishing feedback to learners with an indicator display. They can work through all submissions for an activity, and then hit “publish all” so that learners all receive feedback at the same time.

Do you have some quiet office time to dig into capstone projects, or focus on a particular course? You can search all submissions to find what you are looking for, or a filter can be used to narrow the submissions to the ones you want to pay attention to first.

The Quick Eval homepage widget displays items that are ready for evaluation, right when you log into Brightspace. Activities are sorted by due date and icons represent the type of activity and number of unevaluated submissions.

Discover a faster way to provide feedback. Let’s talk.

Written by:

Paige O'Grady
Paige O'Grady

Product Marketing Manager

Paige O’Grady is a Product Marketing Manager at D2L, specializing in the education space. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in Marketing and Brand Communications.

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