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D2L Excellence Awards: How to Help Strengthen Your Submission

  • 5 Min Read

It’s that time of year again: the D2L Excellence Awards! A time to recognize incredible leaders utilizing D2L Brightspace in ways that inspire and impact their school or association with positive change. The Excellence Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the innovation achieved in digital education and learning and development. We invite you to review you and your team’s accomplishments this year and consider submitting a nomination for the Excellence Awards to share the many positive impacts you’ve made.

To help you put forward your best submission, we have asked a few previous judges of the Excellence Awards to share what attributes help make a submission stand out from the crowd. They revealed their top tips and tricks when sharing your effective practices, and this post will help prepare you to submit your best. Nominations are due by January 28, 2022; all submission details can be found using the link below.

D2L Excellence Awards Rules

D2L Excellence Awards: Top Tips and Tricks

  1. Do your research: Prepare to show the end result. This means including data examples or sharing the quantifiable impact.
  2. Be clear: Define how D2LBrightspace tools helped solve a problem or reach your goal. Write in such a way that anyone can pick up your submission and understand it.
  3. Be unique: Share how the project innovation helped your end users and learners. Describe why your innovation stands out or how another school/association could learn from you.
  4. Have a reviewer: Ask a colleague who is independent of the submission to review it. They can provide feedback with a fresh perspective and ask questions that can prompt you to share more details.

Looking for inspiration?

All winners from last year showed incredible success. Each initiative was unique to a problem they experienced, and results were remarkable. Check out their stories as inspiration to share your own successes.

How to help strengthen a submission

Start by identifying the impact that you, another colleague, or a team have made in the past year. Excellence that could be deserving of an award can be highlighted from completed initiatives or results from a unique collaboration between teams. Whatever your story may be, you’ll want to gather all information on the initiative. This can include your goals, benchmarks, process, and how you exceeded those initial goals. Add all participants to your nomination. They should be aware of and excited about the nomination. Finally, add the results from your efforts. This includes your references, data percentages, and/or numerical evidence that supports your impact.

When creating a stand-out submission, think of other organizations reading your results. A strong submission will leave readers inspired to replicate your D2L Brightspace initiative because it was so successful. References from the end user (i.e., students, faculty, customers, colleagues) are a crucial aspect of your submission. Up to three end users may share their experience, and their detailed feedback will strengthen the impact you’ve made.

The nomination process will walk through all questions you need to answer, and it’s highly recommended to review the questions ahead of time so you can prepare your responses accordingly.

Be ready to share:

  • Who was included
  • What the initiative or project was
  • Why the impact is important
  • What the result was (using both data and testimonials)
  • How it has impacted your users

When we heard from previous Excellence Awards judges, they also shared what not to include in your nomination. The most common piece of feedback was about incomplete initiatives. If the initiative is still being implemented or it’s an idea for innovation, don’t use it in your nomination. Save those ideas, and document in-progress initiatives for a submission next year. Judges want to read about the impact that you have already made and be inspired by the incredible work that has been done.

“When I read a submission, I want to be inspired by it. I want to be able to take the idea back to my organization and implement the same idea.”—Previous Excellence Awards Judge

Ready? Once you have all your information gathered, think about how you want to frame your nomination. Each project (and each organization) is unique, so make sure you share what makes the initiative distinct and special. As you complete the nomination, ask yourself “Why is this excellent?” and if you include the answer throughout your submission, you’ll be on the right track.


Your D2L Excellence Awards nomination submission is a front-row ticket to share your best work. To inspire the judges, you need to share the details that could wow them. Your nomination is the only view and access the judges have exposure to. Be descriptive and share your examples (e.g., video, testimonials) so judges feel inspired by the results or impact you accomplished.

In other words, you want your submission to be detailed, clear, impactful, and results-driven.

Final steps

You’ve done the preparation, and now it’s time to submit your D2L Excellence Awards nomination using the link below. Remember to complete your submission before the deadline on Friday, January 28, 2022.

Submit nomination for D2L Excellence Awards

The Excellence Awards Committee can’t wait to read about all the innovative solutions and positive impacts from this year! The committee members all share pride in being a part of the D2L Brightspace community of innovative and collaborative educators and learning professionals around the globe. Best of luck to everyone submitting, and congratulations on your innovative and hard work this year that has helped to make a positive impact.

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