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D2L Excellence Awards

Celebrating transformative learning experiences.

Nominations are now closed.



The Excellence Awards honor the innovation, progress and betterment of learning in the communities we serve. Each year, we recognize up to five inspiring award winners who demonstrate these values. If you or someone you know is using D2L solutions to deliver a transformative learning experience, share your story. 

Nomination Deadline

  • Submission deadline: Friday, March 8, 2024
  • Winners notified: week of April 8-12, 2024
  • Announce winners via press release: week of April 15-19, 2024

Who to Nominate

Award nominations are open to everyone who uses D2L solutions, including teachers, instructors, trainers, support staff and leaders.

Can’t choose just one person? No worries—you can nominate:
  • An individual;
  • A team; or
  • Organization-wide success stories

Each Winning Submission Will Receive

  • A D2L Excellence Award trophy
  • A D2L prize pack
  • Two D2L Fusion 2024 conference passes
  • Inclusion in a D2L issued press release announcing the winners
  • Recognition on D2L’s website and social media communities
  • Published case studies upon approval to share best practices
  • Spotlighted at D2L’s Fusion conference

More Information

Questions? Please send us an email.

Looking for inspiration? Meet the 2024 Award Winners.

  • Like many other colleges and universities nationwide, Chattanooga State Community College (CSCC) faced a significant challenge with low success rates in their Introductory Statistics course, disproportionately affecting marginalized, Pell-eligible and first-generation students. To address this, CSCC implemented a multifaceted solution combining D2L Brightspace with Open Educational Resources, increasing student success rates while having an impact on student financial barriers. By integrating real-world projects and embedded Learning Assistants into the curriculum, CSCC fostered engagement and support, leading to substantial improvements, particularly among historically marginalized groups. This innovative approach not only helped to empower learners but also helped to promote collaboration among educators and positions Chattanooga State as a leader in equitable and inclusive education.

  • Leveraging D2L Brightspace, Gwinnett Online Campus (GOC) developed comprehensive training programs for both educators and students, simulating live classroom experiences and tailoring resources to individual needs. This innovative solution resulted in a 94% teacher retention rate and helped to empower over 18,000 students to excel in the online environment. GOC’s commitment to equity and accessibility helps to see that students can receive the necessary support, leading to widespread acclaim from students and parents. By GOC working with D2L to help facilitate the adaptation and scaling of training efforts, they were able to solidify further their position as a pioneer and catalyst for positive change in online education.

  • Enhancing online course availability, increasing student enrollment and the need for professional development for faculty were among the challenges that Kennesaw State University (KSU) faced throughout the last few years. As KSU grappled with a surge in student numbers that exceeded course capacities and threatened to overburden educators, the organization recognized the need for digital adoption for in-person courses through D2L Brightspace, which would require subsequent faculty training in utilizing the tool. By leveraging D2L and using key tools like Content, Discussions, Quizzes and Assignments, KSU was able to develop high-quality courses to help train faculty in supporting the online migration, amounting to 1,000+ micro-credentials issued through D2L Brightspace. KSU championed the accessibility of learning within their institution, showcasing the power behind helping to meet students where they are.

  • At Southern Illinois University Carbondale, the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) embarked on a quest to achieve inclusive excellence by transforming their international TA (ITA) onboarding process with the use of Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments (Virtual Classroom) and D2L. By striving to address a need for accessible, on-demand training and interview-prepping process for international teacher assistants before their arrival on campus, CTE leveraged D2L tools and features like Virtual Classroom to help revise their approach. Reimagining ITA onboarding through empathy, equity, and innovation, CTE was able to help reduce stress levels for all stakeholders involved, increase brand identification and inclusivity, and improve operational efficiency by 80%.

  • Catering to an ever-evolving modern workforce that demands flexibility, relevance, and accessibility in their learning and upskilling opportunities, United Food and Commercial Workers Union Canada (UFCW Canada) developed On-the-Go (OTG) modules through webCampus, the organization’s D2L-powered Learning Innovation Platform. These modules are bite-sized pieces of content which take around 15 minutes to complete, featuring short videos, interactive elements, and high visual appeal. This accessible learning solution has helped UFCW Canada to boost webCampus enrollment by 25% while simultaneously increasing OTG module completion rates to 57%, outperforming the 35-40% completion rate of traditional courses. UFCW Canada’s OTG solution is available to 250,000 workers across Canada and was created to contribute to an individual’s growth, organizational success, and adaptability in a dynamic and competitive environment.

  • The School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) at the University of Surrey saw an increase in their student population. The teaching staff were keen to maintain the excellent student experience they had with a smaller cohort, so looked for innovative solutions that could help engage students in their learning, streamline communications and enhance feedback. The adoption of D2L Brightspace helped the University of Surrey to change to a flipped classroom that could tap into active team-based learning. The change in approach helped garner 94% student satisfaction in increasing learning motivation; the lessons learned here were disseminated and contributed to the elevation of the University of Surrey’s National Student Survey overall ranking from 102nd in 2020 to fourth in the UK by 2023.

  • Xavier University of Louisiana faced the challenge of preparing faculty for effective online instruction amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly due to limited familiarity with D2L Brightspace tools. To address this, they developed #LearnEverywhereXULA (LEX) and #LEX Advanced through the Center for Advancement of Teaching and Faculty Development, leveraging Brightspace for training and resources. These initiatives helped to see faculty proficiency beyond the pandemic, leading to increased tool usage and alignment with quality matters standards. With a high completion rate of 96% for LEX and positive feedback indicating practical value, Xavier University demonstrated a sustainable model for faculty development within existing resources, facilitating continuous improvement in online teaching practices. Through initiatives like #LEX Advanced, faculty expertise was cultivated, fostering dynamic and effective online learning experiences in line with the institution’s commitment to excellence in education.