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4 Benefits of Using Digital Curriculum Resources

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Here’s how digital curriculum resources can save teachers hundreds of hours a year.


Teachers spend a lot of time on things that aren’t teaching. Creating engaging lessons, finding interesting course content and grading are all things that are part of a teacher’s workload and can take up hundreds of hours each year.

Digital curriculum resources offer your teachers and students specifically crafted content to align with your district’s standards. From physical education to math and languages, these assets set your teachers up with the tools and resources they need so that they can spend more time on what matters most: their students.

In this blog, you’ll learn how digital curriculum resources can make teachers’ lives easier by providing relevant, creative and engaging class material that saves teachers’ time without compromising on quality.

1. Save Teachers Time

A 2016 Market Data Retrieval report found that U.S. teachers spent an average of about 12.5 hours per week creating or searching for instructional resources for their classes. That amounts to hundreds of hours per year that aren’t spent on teaching. If you can save teachers that time, it can free them up to deliver the content, work with their students and provide meaningful feedback.

Plus, time saving doesn’t mean a compromise on quality. We’re education and pedagogy professionals, meaning that the digital curriculum resources on offer have been created for teachers by teachers. Each resource is thoughtfully designed so educators can rest easy knowing their students are still getting the highest quality content.

2. Meet the Needs of All Students

Every student deserves access to the best possible learning opportunities and experiences. Digital curriculum resources are designed from the start with accessibility and inclusivity in mind. These resources seamlessly integrate with assistive technologies like screen readers and closed captioning, helping all students enjoy a rich and fulfilling educational experience.

These resources are also designed to keep learners on track. They come aligned to benchmarks in D2L Brightspace, so teachers can track which standards are being addressed as students progress through the resources. That means that teachers, students and parents can easily see student outcomes and progress with each resource.

3. Meet State Standards

All pre-created units, lessons and activities are designed to meet and are linked to your district’s standards. This approach means that a wide range of teachers can make use of these digital resources, saving time across any school district. Because of this alignment, teachers can be confident that they are covering learning benchmarks with their students.

4. Use Flexible and Customizable Resources

Digital curriculum resources can be as hands-off or as hands-on as users want. Teachers have the flexibility to create their own assignments, tests and quizzes on top of what’s provided. They can also bring in their own materials and customize how items are made available to the class, meaning that they retain control over how and what their students are learning.

Our resources are always improving. Each year, they’re updated based on feedback from educators and students alike, which ensures that they’re always relevant and engaging.

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Chase Banger
Chase Banger

Chase Banger is a Content Marketing Specialist at D2L. An award-winning journalist and former communications specialist, he has a passion for helping people through education.

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  1. 1. Save Teachers Time
  2. 2. Meet the Needs of All Students
  3. 3. Meet State Standards
  4. 4. Use Flexible and Customizable Resources
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