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Customer Stories

Purdue University Creates a Foundation for e-Learning Success

Challenge Adapting To A New Way Of Learning Purdue University is a public research university located in West Lafayette, Indiana and is consistently ranked as one of the best public...

  • Nurturing healthier, happier classrooms with SEL

    From the very beginning, teachers saw that our approach to SEL made a big difference to their students, but teachers already have so much on their plates. We wanted to...

  • Helping more students access online learning

    Challenge Growing Demand For Online Learning Originally established in 1977 to provide educational travel experiences, Blyth Academy is now one of the leading private schools in Canada and teaches over...

  • Raising Mental Health Awareness in Schools

    Challenge Tackling A Growing Mental Health Crisis Childhood and adolescence are crucial stages in the development of a person’s mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organization, 10% of...

More than 1,000 organizations in over 40 countries around the world rely on D2L to help them transform learning.

Our working relationship with D2L has been wonderful. They're so far above some of the other LMS platforms that I've had the opportunity to work with.

- Joy Karavedas, Senior Director of Research and New Program Development, Orange Lutheran High School

A three-year exercise in frustration became a three-month pathway to success once we started to work with D2L.

- Michael Crowe, Vice President Academic, Bow Valley College

You should absolutely, 100% go with D2L. I’ve been with them for 11 years. The system is incredibly stable. It’s incredibly flexible because what you need right now today may not be the same thing you need five years from now. Businesses evolve. Customers evolve. Things change, and D2L changes with you.

- Connie Ryan, Founder and President, Professional Development Institute

Helping to reduce barriers with online experiential learning

As a leader in online education, Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) knows firsthand that online students face a unique barrier to internships, which are essential to a full educational experience. To address this challenge, SNHU created the Higher Education and Real-World Training (HEaRT) learning model, delivered asynchronously through D2L Brightspace. HEaRT connects learners with employers and allows them to build and demonstrate key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, team building, and project management. Since its inception in 2018, over 850 learners have successfully completed a HEaRT experience.

Preparing students for high-demand industries

The Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence (ITCOE), hosted by Metropolitan State University, works closely with industry and educators to attract students and prepare them for work in high-demand industries in Minnesota. Through its Curriculum Project, the Center of Excellence sought to develop or enhance programs in high-demand IT disciplines, including cybersecurity, data science, agile, DevOps, and career readiness, all to meet increased market needs. Brightspace was essential in delivering on-demand IT modules that align with industry standards and incorporate innovative learning technologies and best practices to all 37 campuses within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System, including sharing resources with workforce centers, economic development agencies, and other agencies serving the state’s dislocated and underserved populations.

Supporting every student with individualized learning paths

Gwinnett Online Campus has developed personalized learning courses that empower students to exceed their potential through individualized learning paths designed to support and enrich every learning outcome. With the teacher as the analytical engine, students receive purposeful and targeted instruction based on their individual strengths and needed areas for growth. This powerful instructional design maximizes learner-focused flexibility and positively contributes to the graduation rate of Gwinnett Online Campus.

Creating a Gold Standard for Marketing Excellence

This is how the Canadian Marketing Association partnered with D2L to launch the first designation for Canadian marketers, helping learners thrive in their careers.

Creating custom learning experiences at scale

Working with the team at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning offers global executives a unique advantage: world-class leadership training tailored to each client’s needs. To streamline the learner experience, Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning worked with D2L’s Learning Services to rethink its course templates, making it easier to deliver client-specific learning journeys at scale.

Training the lawyers of tomorrow

Understanding Canadian law is only one aspect of becoming an effective lawyer. Legal professionals also need to earn the trust of their clients, colleagues, and the public, while applying to their practice compassion, respect, and a strong grasp of the operational aspects of law firms. To help new lawyers acquire the skills for success, the Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) developed an online learning program using D2L’s Brightspace platform.