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British Columbia’s Learning Management System

As the K-12 education landscape changes, great teaching and learning practices are more important than ever. With the right LMS, you have a partner to support your blended, online, and professional learning needs. Discover why D2L Brightspace is the right solution for your district.

At D2L, our goal is to make sure ALL British Columbia students reach their potential.

A Solution That Meets Your Needs

Download Learning Management System Evaluation Guide for K-12

This guide includes the following resources to help you choose a learning management system:

  • A step-by-step approach to the evaluation process, with helpful reminders and tips for each phase
  • Answers to common questions such as how to evaluate an LMS and what makes a great LMS
  • A sample project timeline, evaluation criteria, a demonstration rubric, and instrument templates
  • Interactive worksheets, activities, lists, and more!

Download the Learning Management System Evaluation Guide for K-12 guide Now

Why use D2L Brightspace?

Choose an LMS that transforms the way your district learns

Following a provincial procurement process involving educators, administrative staff and other stakeholder representatives, D2L Brightspace has been selected as the provider for the Provincial Learning Management System.

What does this mean for your district?

  • Streamlined learning across your district with one solution for your face-to-face, online, and professional learning needs
  • A scalable, secure and dynamic learning platform that grows and adapts with you as your district priorities change
  • Access to comprehensive data to inform district-wide decisions
  • Reduced pricing through the British Columbia Ministry of Education and Childcare
  • An integrated portfolio tool and companion app to support capturing, assessing and communicating evidence of student learning

Create an Equitable and Inclusive Learning Experience That Meets the Needs of All Students

Brightspace Solution

  • Offer individualized learning paths, competency-based programs and provide accommodations for diverse student needs
  • Track individual learning and personalize lessons to achieve learning recovery
  • Use blended learning to encourage access to extend learning beyond the classroom

Strengthen Collective Leadership

Brightspace Solution

  • Promote student voice and choice with a variety of assessment and collaboration tools
  • Engage parents and guardians in the learning with an easy-to-use app
  • Provide opportunities for staff collaboration and quality professional development on the same platform that students use

Use Automation and Visual Data to Inform Teaching Practices and Learning Experiences

Brightspace Solution

  • Provide real-time learning data to teachers to personalize instruction
  • Leverage clear data reports to get a full picture of student and class progress to make data-informed teaching decisions
  • Work smarter with a variety of release conditions and quick evaluation tools to schedule content ahead of time and get data faster

Support Student Well-Being

Brightspace Solution

  • Foster ongoing opportunities for SEL development and well-being through self-management, collaboration and self-awareness tools
  • Communicate and document learning in a variety of ways to help students recognize their emotions, strengths and challenges
  • Help students self-manage emotions and behaviours with organization checklists, self-assessment options and class/student progress indicators

Create a Safe and Sustainable Learning Environment

Brightspace Solution

  • Select a scalable solution to support your unique district priorities, including student transitions, staff professional development, compliance training and more
  • Meet the needs of learners K–12 with a platform that supports early learners and transitions with them as they grow
  • Choose a comprehensive learning solution that streamlines learning and eliminates the need to rely on many different tech tools

Attending SIDES has given me a more flexible schedule, and due to working at my own pace, my grades have gone up. The platform feels so personalized to each student.

– Abby, Grade 9 Student, SIDES

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