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Location is Everything

Location is one of the biggest determining factors in how well your video will turn out. Where you choose to record will impact both the visual and audio elements of your content.


The most important thing to know about lighting is the location of your light source. Make sure it’s in front of you so your face is illuminated and clear. If it’s coming from behind, you’ll appear silhouetted. Don’t sit with your back to a window. Instead, sit facing the window, with the camera pointed towards you.

Good lighting

Bad lighting


Like lighting, where you record will have more of an impact on the quality of your audio than what you use to record. Chances are your computer has a built-in microphone that will produce perfectly acceptable sound quality. Choose a room with decent acoustics and no background noise. Avoid large rooms where sound will travel and produce echoes and feedback. If you can find a room with carpeting it will help absorb and prevent echoes.

Your own classroom (if you have one) is probably an acceptable place to record, but if you find that the acoustics are awful and relocating to a different room isn’t an option, you can try building your own makeshift recording booth. Try piling boxes, clothes, or even pillows around and behind your computer. The goal is to create a barrier that will dampen or muffle outside sound while keeping your voice directed where it’s supposed to go.

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