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Best Practices for Teaching an Online Course

For lecturers and teaching staff seasoned in online learning or institutions implementing a new online programmes, making it effective means planning and strategy. In this guide, we break down the...

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    Get Started with CBE

    Download the guide… If your institution is just beginning to explore CBE or in the planning stages for a CBE program, this is the guide you’ll need. It will show you:...

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    Calculate the ROI of Your Association’s Online Learning Programs

    What results and returns could your association see from online learning? Associations like yours are facing more competition that ever from every direction—higher education institutions, third-party training providers, and even...

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    Guide to Gamification in Education

    Students and learners today have grown up with technology. It is how they communicate. They understand and relate to emojis, icons, apps, meme, gifs, social media and, of course, games....

The Benefits of Choosing a SaaS LMS Over an Open-Source LMS

Selecting the right LMS is no small feat, but before you get too far, there's one key question to answer—SaaS or open-source?

Embracing digital transformation in education

Survey shows positive attitudes toward EdTech. To understand how digital transformation is progressing around the world, D2L conducted a survey of 4,830 higher education participants in 11 specific roles within...

Expect More from Your VLE

Check out our new LMS evaluation guide

Best Practices for Teaching an Online Course

For academics and administrators looking at setting up an online course offering

What’s driving the vision for the University of the future?

Explore how universities can embrace the opportunity to reimagine the university of the future.