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Customer Stories

Delivering continuous learning experiences on and off campus

Students want the flexibility of a digital learning environment. This is the future. Dr. Dhaya Naidoo, Chief Information Officer, Tshwane University of Technology Challenge Consistent Learning Experiences Online And Inside...

More than 1,000 organisations in over 40 countries around the world rely on D2L to help them transform learning.

Adopting D2L Brightspace for a consistent user experience

TU Dublin implements a single learning platform strategy, migrating to D2L Brightspace to deliver a consistent user experience and establish a foundation for technological growth.

Demonstrating Creative Course Design with Creator+

The University of Huddersfield delivers a masterclass in how to create an innovative online course module through a virtual escape room developed using Creator+.

Driving a consistent online learning experience

The University of Suffolk delivers a course module template and online student hub to drive a consistent online student experience.

Using data analytics and reporting to underpin a digital pedagogical framework

Bournemouth University uses data analytics from D2L Brightspace to give it insight into learning progress and an understanding of what it can change to optimise results.

Evidence-based course design using engagement data

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences harnesses data from D2L Brightspace to generate insights into levels of student engagement for continuous course improvement.

Engaging students through the use of online learning tools

Radboud University maximises student engagement and participation through a rewarding online learning experience.