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Customer Stories

Delivering continuous learning experiences on and off campus

Students want the flexibility of a digital learning environment. This is the future. Dr. Dhaya Naidoo, Chief Information Officer, Tshwane University of Technology Challenge Consistent Learning Experiences Online And Inside...

More than 1,000 organisations in over 40 countries around the world rely on D2L to help them transform learning.

International Institute of Nutrition and Health Turning passion for wellness into rewarding careers

The IINH delivers feature-rich learning and teaching experiences to a diverse and global learner base by partnering with D2L and Brightspace.

Delivering a new equestrian training experience

sportscotland provides easy access to equestrian coaching training through a new learning experience powered by D2L Brightspace.

Taking learning industry-wide through trade partnerships

Gafta uplifts learner engagement and creates an online learning hub for the industry by extending learning platform use and upskilling staff.

Educating a Global Industry

Educating the grain industry is one of Gafta’s key responsibilities—but with its membership spread across over 95 countries, face-to-face training is not accessible for everyone. Gafta worked with D2L to rejuvenate its distance learning program, providing a better user experience and innovative new courses.


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