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Calculate the ROI of Your Association’s Online Learning Programs

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What results and returns could your association see from online learning?

Associations like yours are facing more competition that ever from every direction—higher education institutions, third-party training providers, and even each other. In the U.S. alone, there are over 92,000 professional and trade associations catering to members in areas such as skilled trades, law, healthcare, finance, and arts and culture.

They’re looking for ways to distinguish themselves as well as to grow and diversify their revenues, and many are embracing online delivery models for events and educational programs to make that happen.

If you’re looking to provide or enhance virtual training, accreditation, and professional development opportunities, the question is: What types of results and returns can you expect?

This guide is here to help you answer that question with:

  • Categories to consider when breaking down ROI
  • Factors to incorporate into your calculations
  • Sample formulas and real-world metrics

Learn more on how a learning platform can elevate your association’s membership and learning engagement