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The Employer’s Guide to Navigating the Hybrid Work Model

A guide for organizations ready to take the next step in creating a high performing hybrid work model.

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  • What a high performing hybrid work model looks like
  • The questions you need to answer to help set up a solid foundation for hybrid work
  • How to build, execute, and evaluate your organization’s culture of learning

Is your organization prepared for hybrid work?

During the height of the pandemic, remote work became a necessity for many businesses. By December 2020, 71% of workers in the U.S. who said their job responsibilities could be done remotely were working at home all or most of the time. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, that figure was only 20%.

This evolution of the workplace has been building for many years. Businesses may need to fundamentally transform their own organizational attitudes and approaches to work. They’ll also need to consider how they engage, evaluate, and motivate a national or global network of employees.

This guide is here to help you get a head start.