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IBMS selects D2L’s Brightspace as its First Learning Platform 

With Brightspace, IBMS will expand its online capabilities and establish a more effective means of delivering training for its members 

Press Release

LONDON, UK – 03 June, 2021 –D2L, a global learning technology leader, today announced that the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) has selected Brightspace as its first ever learning management system (LMS) to expand its online capabilities and establish a more effective means of training for its members.

With over 21,000 members in 74 countries, the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the leading professional body for scientists, support staff and students in the field of biomedical science. For over 100 years it has been dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of excellence in the field within all aspects of healthcare. It sets quality standards for the profession through training, education, assessments, examinations, and continuous professional development.

Historically, IBMS has delivered its qualifications across hundreds of approved laboratories throughout the country, where candidates compile a portfolio of evidence against set standards, which are then submitted to the Institute’s office for on-site assessment by examiners. This process is inefficient and costly both in terms of travel and assessor time.

IBMS realised that it needed a robust and adaptable online learning platform that could cater to its growing services and be more cost-effective whilst also providing more flexibility for its members as they learn and study around their working hours.

“As an online platform, Brightspace simply offered us far more flexibility”, said Sarah May, Acting Chief Executive of IBMS. “At IBMS we’ve never had an LMS before and knew that we wanted to provide a modern learning experience for our candidates, one that complemented all our training objectives.”

Brightspace was chosen for its ease of use and functionality. Staff will now be able to host fully remote training sessions and assess candidates more efficiently, whilst all IBMS’ course materials will now be stored in one place and will be easily accessible. Brightspace will provide members with the flexibility to learn around their busy schedules.

“Our candidates and training officers will soon be able to complete everything remotely and we can be far more responsive with regards to the qualifications and learning opportunities we can offer our members. It will allow us to modularise learning opportunities to make our learning offer and qualifications more versatile and inclusive for candidates in laboratories in different contexts,” said Sarah May, Acting Chief Executive, IBMS.

IBMS worked closely with the team at D2L over a thorough 12-week implementation period, to ensure each of its courses integrated with the new online environment.

“With years of experience under their belt, our team understands the challenges that institutions like IBMS are facing. We are proud we can offer our counsel and work with such a respected organisation as it begins its virtual learning journey. No doubt IBMS will continue to provide the highest standard of qualifications for its members, and with the help of Brightspace, to reach far more learners worldwide,” Alan Hiddleston, Director of Corporate Learning, D2L said.

About the Institute of Biomedical Science

The Institute of Biomedical Science is the leading professional body for biomedical scientists, support staff and students.

For over 100 years we have been dedicated to the promotion, development and delivery of excellence in biomedical science within all aspects of healthcare, and providing the highest standards of service to patients and the public.

For more information visit the IBMS website

About D2L Brightspace

D2L’s Brightspace is a cloud-based learning platform built for people who care deeply about student success.

It makes it easy to support exceptional student experiences in the classroom or fully online, build meaningful connections, and gives teachers and instructors the tools they’re going to love. D2L’s Brightspace is worry-free with 99.9% reliability. It’s highly accessible and looks beautiful on any mobile device, making it easier for teachers and instructors to reach every learner and for every learner to reach their full potential.

D2L’s Brightspace has won multiple industry awards. To learn more, visit D2L for K-12 or Higher Education.

About D2L

D2L is transforming the way the world learns – helping learners of all ages achieve more than they dreamed possible. Working closely with clients all over the world, D2L is supporting millions of people learning online and in person. Our more than 950 global employees are dedicated to making the best learning products to leave the world better than where they found it. Learn more about D2L for K-12, higher education and businesses at


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