Brightspace VLE for Higher Education

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) that provides powerful tools for students, academics, staff, and administration to thrive and succeed in creating the best educational experience possible.

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Brightspace allows you to manage and monitor all institutional activities. It provides a space for collaboration and communication between you and your academics, and between your academic staff and your students.

At the same time, Brightspace provides innovative education opportunities for the future, like online learning, or flexible learning options.

So how do you see your institution evolving to meet new demand, to remain competitive, and to fulfill your mission towards student success? And what are your plans to get there? Let’s start answering these questions together.

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Supporting Institutional Goals

Product screenshots to illustrate the easy, flexible and smart features in D2L

Attract more students

Provide a student-centered, exceptional learning experience where students feel supported at every interaction along their learning path.

Retain more students

Analytics can reveal student learning patterns. Intervene quickly by providing communication, or remedial material to keep students engaged.

Attract top talent

Institution can deliver onboarding, skills development, coaching and leadership development with the same power and efficiency as they deliver education.

Brightspace Core

Brightspace for instructors

Discover the time-saving tools designed to help you teach the way you like

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Infographic: Education by the Numbers

Academics at Bournemouth Universitywere eager to embrace a new VLE

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