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The Philanthropic Powerhouse: Meet a D2Ler Who Loves Volunteering 

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Julia Mamone

Talent Acquisition Partner, D2L


Meet Anita:

At D2L, we are fortunate to have employees who are just as passionate about making a difference in the world as we are. Meet Anita Joshi, customer success specialist at D2L and a passionate volunteer who has seamlessly blended her love for giving back with her thriving career at D2L. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey of volunteerism and discover how she has made a difference in the lives of others. 

Raised by immigrant parents who were always active in helping others, the importance of volunteerism became an unquestioned part of her character. “It has always been in my blood,” says Anita. Growing up in a helpful community in Thunder Bay, she learned the value of lending a helping hand from a young age. Anita continues the legacy of giving back to society, both inside and outside of D2L, and gets her children involved as well.  

It is important to me that my sons understand the importance in giving back and are involved with the initiatives we are a part of.

– Anita Joshi

Anita has been with D2L for almost 3 years and has had the chance to “wear many hats” within D2L. D2Lers are always encouraged to get involved in various initiatives, allowing them to explore their passions. Anita has fully embraced this ethos by actively participating in events such as the Bell Let’s Talk Mental Health Panel, volunteering on the Moose Crew at Fusion (D2L’s annual all-in-one learning conference), and this year Anita has even gone a step further to co-host the Fusion event.   

Championing Philanthropy Through D2L 

Driven by her passion for making a positive impact, Anita actively champions wellness and diversity within D2L by participating in the D2L Wellness Committee and D2L’s BIPOC Employee Network. She was a guest on D2L’s LiveWell podcast where she spoke about the importance of food and nutrition on wellness. 

Anita has embraced D2L’s volunteer time off (VTO) by using the time to support the Newmarket Community Fridge, which is a local passion of hers. Anita and her children help by stocking the fridge, keeping it clean and organizing community donations. She has also used her VTO to deliver holiday hampers to families in need in her community.  

Giving Back Beyond the 9-to-5 

In her spare time, Anita devotes herself to a range of causes, finding fulfillment in every act of kindness. Whether volunteering at the local soup kitchen with her parents, chairing her children’s school parent council, sponsoring local families, supporting initiatives to promote equity and wellbeing for students, providing companionship to folks in retirement homes, supporting the Pride parade, or organizing community cleanups she always looks for ways to give back to her community.  

When Anita and her husband got married, they wanted to start their journey as a married couple with a meaningful act of service which led them to embark on an alternative honeymoon. They spent their honeymoon giving back by volunteering at a center for children following the earthquake in Haiti.

It is my strong belief that giving back is a beautiful gift to the giver.

– Anita Joshi

Anita firmly believes in the transformative power of education and fitness. She has been an active volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada for over 20 years, initially as a participant during her youth and later as a leader. Her dedication to the organization has been recognized through the prestigious Canada Cord presented by the Prime Minister. Additionally, she contributes to Girls on the Run, an initiative focused on promoting fitness and empowering young girls. By inspiring the next generation, Anita is actively shaping a brighter future—which is what we do at D2L too.  

When Values Align 

When deciding to join D2L, perks like D2L’s VTO stuck out to her. Anita felt the culture of D2L was very philanthropic and resonated deeply with her personal values. She was at the stage of her career where she was looking forward to joining a company where mutual values would align. D2L has proven to be the perfect place to make a lasting impact. 

If you want to join an organization that supports you in making an impact, check out our open roles and read more on our philanthropy page.  

Written by:

Julia Mamone

Talent Acquisition Partner, D2L

Julia is a member of our People and Culture team located in London, Ontario. She is passionate about candidate experience and all things recruitment. She is a member of D2L’s Women in Action Employee Resource Group and the D2L Wellness Committee. Outside of work, you may find her curled up with a good book and cup of tea, watching the TV show The Office, hiking the local trails or spending time with friends and family.