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My Career Journey at D2L as Sales Enablement Specialist

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Let’s start from the very beginning…

It was April 2022 when I made the drastic decision of leaving my well-paid job at my previous company and moving back to my hometown after living away for almost 12 years of my life. I had planned to take a career break. Not a very easy decision for an independent woman like me who has always been driven by the hustle and bustle culture. Though I was excited to be back with my family, I was scared about the career break.  

I exactly remember the date—May 9, 2022. That’s when I woke up, was casually scrolling through Indeed and saw D2L’s job posting for the Sales Enablement position for the APAC region. I had just casually applied since the position was remote, which I was looking for at that moment. 

To my surprise, the team replied, and a meeting was set up with Kelly Pierce, our Global Director for Enablement. Throughout the interview process, the team was amazingly supportive. I remember how during all the interviews, our hiring team ensured that I understood each aspect of the role and how it was new to the APAC region. They kept reiterating the fact that, “you own this, Sharmili. The canvas is blank, and we are here to support you”.  The best part was I could sense how curious the team was to know me as an individual—my preferences, my passions and how D2L can fit into that career journey. It was one of the best Interview experiences in my life where I wasn’t just treated as an interviewee but as someone who they saw had immense potential to contribute to the cultural fabric of the company. Empathy and compassion were at the core of each round. They were mindful of the time zone differences. They ensured that I was given a competitive package and benefits according to my capabilities, and they truly practice ensuring that the employees have work-life balance.  

Though it’s only been nine months in the company, I have grown as an individual both professionally and personally. I have had the chance to be a part of global projects, collaborating with colleagues from different countries. I have learned to use new technology and tools, and I have received a “Bravo” ovation award for my work. I am currently pursuing a course on “LXD Design” from York University as a part of the Wave program. This is one of the many benefits provided by D2L because learning never stops and the culture is one of inclusion, diversity, accessibility and equity. The best part about being a D2Ler is I have plenty on my plate to learn and explore and a great work-life balance since I love my time with my family and friends. This is my first experience working remotely, and I can proudly say that I am experiencing the best of both worlds.  

To sum it up, D2L lives up to the expectations of being a talent magnet, and I can’t wait to experience how my career will grow and look in this company in the years to come. 

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