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In Case You Missed It: Product Highlights From Fusion 2024

Learn more about product news shared during this year’s Fusion.


Every year, D2L Fusion brings customers, partners and other attendees together for a few action-packed days of learning. It’s a fantastic opportunity for people to connect with their peers and find out more about the work D2L is doing.

This year, we were excited to share news about four products.

Keep reading to learn more about them.

D2L Lumi 

D2L Lumi is a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered feature that helps create better content, assessments and activities. It’s engineered to support people at the center of the learning experience, delivering outstanding outcomes for learners and empowering educators and course authors.

As exciting as AI is, we know that privacy and data security can be concerns. That’s why D2L Lumi has been built from the ground up with these elements in mind. Your data is yours. We keep it safe, but we don’t collect, track or sell it. You also get transparency and control over how (or if) AI systems are used.

There are three ways that D2L Lumi can help educators build high-quality, engaging learning experiences with ease: 

  • Lumi Quiz generates Brightspace quiz questions. 
  • Lumi Idea develops suggestions for Brightspace assignments and discussions.  
  • Lumi Practice creates practice questions in Creator+.

All of D2L Lumi’s ideas and recommendations are based on actual course content. This empowers educators to create awesome content more quickly and gives them confidence that the outputs will be highly relevant for their learners.

D2L Achievement+

Competency-based education (CBE) is on the rise. In 2012, there were 20 CBE programs documented across the U.S. Now, there are more than 1,000. That growth in popularity means we need better ways to deliver and track competencies.

That’s where Achievement+ comes in. It helps you effortlessly manage learning outcomes across your institutions, organizations, programs and courses.

D2L Achievement+ includes:

  • Learning Outcomes: Align course content, activities and assessments to learning outcomes with intuitive interfaces and workflows.
  • Outcome Achievement Dashboard: Simplify outcome achievement reporting for accreditation with centralized data and an interactive dashboard.
  • Course Achievement Overview: Leverage real-time visualizations of course outcomes to monitor trends and support learner success.

D2L For Associations  

Your association has a lot on its plate, which is why when it comes to finding the right learning technology and solutions, you don’t have time to fuss. You need the procurement process to be easy. You also need to be confident that you’re choosing a partner who understands the work your association does and can help you meet your goals.

D2L for Associations delivers the trusted expertise you need to make learning a catalyst for growth. It helps you advance your mission and unlock high-impact learning programs as a driver for member engagement and value, all within an integrated ecosystem for a connected tech stack.

D2L Acquires H5P Group  

Finally, we’re thrilled to share some more exciting news with you: D2L has acquired H5P Group. If you haven’t heard of H5P yet, they’re behind the cutting-edge platform that makes creating rich, interactive HTML5 content easy. H5P offers a free, user-friendly web-based interface that empowers educators to effortlessly create, share, and reuse engaging content. 

With over 60 innovative, interactive content types and an AI-powered Smart Import Tool, H5P enriches course materials and boosts learning outcomes. It’s quickly becoming the go-to standard for creating interactive content, driving innovation and engagement for more than 200 million users worldwide. 

H5P empowers organizations, educators and learners with easy-to-use tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing systems.  

“Our mission has always been to bring outstanding, highly personalized learning experiences to everyone, and this is another big step toward that goal,” said D2L CEO and founder John Baker. “Alongside D2L Brightspace, H5P’s deeply integrated functionality will enable more rich, high-quality interactive and engaging learning experiences and raise the standard for content everywhere. We look forward to supporting millions of users and partners to foster better learning outcomes and to help people around the world achieve more than they ever dreamed possible.” 

Find out more about how H5P can help your teams hit their goals.

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Table of Contents

  1. D2L Lumi 
  2. D2L Achievement+
  3. D2L For Associations  
  4. D2L Acquires H5P Group