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H5P Modules

Over 60+ Interactive Content Types

From Interactive videos to Quiz creation: Endless possibilities await

Unlock the full potential of digital learning with H5P’s variety of different interactive content types. Designed for simplicity and flexibility.

  • Easily incorporate the H5P plugin into your CMS system or directly integrate into your preferred Learning Management System.
  • Simply install the plugin and select from a variety of content types, start creating right away.
  • Manage and modify your content directly within your system, eliminating the need to switch between platforms.

H5P Integration

Effortless integration with any LMS

Seamless integrate H5P with leading LMS system through LTI integration.

  • Create and manage all H5P content directly within your preferred LMS, maintaining an independent and easily accessible repository.
  • Access H5P analytics all within your LMS, including detailed insights into learner performance and question-level analysis.
  • Enjoy a 30-day free trial to explore and experience the full potential of H5P integration.

Reporting & Analytics 

Unlock valuable insights

Enhance learner engagement with our comprehensive reporting and analytics features.

  • Access detailed reports for each H5P assessment, including user scores, attempt durations, and question-specific answers.
  • Enable learners to pick up right where they left off, ensuring a seamless learning experience even after logging out.
  • Gain clear insights into learner performance with data on first attempt, last attempt, and best attempt scores, all available through and LMS integration.