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Podcast: Unpacking Blended Learning and Micro-Credentials with Dr. Mark Brown

Can blended learning help make professional development for educators more accessible? Is a micro-credential really a Trojan horse for disrupting “the 19th-century credentialing model” that we have? Find out on today’s episode of Teach & Learn.

Support an SEL Classroom Culture: Can’t Pour from an Empty Jug

The role professional development can and should play in helping equip educators to bring SEL to life in their classrooms.

Why a Busy Time Is the Best Time to Try New Learning Programs

We know that in times of unprecedented disruption and market uncertainty, the rate of self-driven employee education increases.

Get Ahead of Post-COVID Turnover: Three Ways to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Get ahead of post-pandemic turnover by increasing employee satisfaction

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What Goes Into Creating an Engaging Online Learning Experience?

Explore how CHIME is creating flexible, engaging education programs that give people access to world-class learning and help the association reach more learners than ever before.

Facing the Facts: The Reality of Skill Relevancy and Obsolescence

We take a look at what’s driving skill and talent shortages and how to use employee learning and professional development programs to overcome them.

When It Comes to Learning & Development, Employees Know Best

Three reasons why employees should manage their own training  

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