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Podcast: Unpacking Blended Learning and Micro-Credentials with Dr. Mark Brown

Can blended learning help make professional development for educators more accessible? Is a micro-credential really a Trojan horse for disrupting “the 19th-century credentialing model” that we have? Find out on today’s episode of Teach & Learn.

Get Ahead of Post-COVID Turnover: Three Ways to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Get ahead of post-pandemic turnover by increasing employee satisfaction

Facing the Facts: The Reality of Skill Relevancy and Obsolescence

We take a look at what’s driving skill and talent shortages and how to use employee learning and professional development programs to overcome them.

When It Comes to Learning & Development, Employees Know Best

Three reasons why employees should manage their own training  

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The Advantages, Challenges, and Benefits of Blended Learning

In this post, we cover what blended learning is, and we discuss the most prominent blended learning models in use today.

Asynchronous Learning

Asynchronous learning is a type of remote education with a flexible schedule. Students can learn the online course materials whenever they want, allowing them to follow the curriculum at a more comfortable pace that suits their needs.

Technology is used to streamline an asynchronous class, which includes video lectures, discussion forums, and virtual teaching aids. Asynchronous education encourages a high degree of autonomy and nurtures a proactive, inclusive, and comprehensive learning experience.

Unboxing Outcomes-based Education

What is outcomes-based education, and how does it compare with other educational models like competency-based education and mastery-based learning?

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