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Meet the Needs of Today’s Learners with D2L Brightspace 

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All students learn differently. Discover how D2L Brightspace can help make learning more personal for your learners.

Paige O'Grady

Colleges are diverse institutions. With programs ranging from nursing to trades to business and every discipline in between, they can be challenging places to deliver programming that meets the in-person, online and access-anywhere expectations of modern learners. Provide exceptional and captivating learning experiences that meet the needs of all your learners with Brightspace.  

Unlock Learning Potential With Powerful Brightspace Tools 

Awards, Badges and Certificates  

Brightspace offers micro-credentials, bite-sized content and reward outcomes with built-in badging. You can also use the tool to motivate learners by issuing merit-based awards as they progress through material.  


Brightspace allows you to create content quickly and easily with drag-and-drop tools and content templates. The learning management system (LMS) works seamlessly with Google Docs™ content, YouTube™ videos, web links and more.  

Intelligent Agents  

To help encourage success in your students, they need to be motivated and engaged. Brightspace uses personalized feedback and automated nudges to keep learners on track and encourage them to hit their goals.  

Learning Paths  

Brightspace enables flexible learning online—in person, asynchronously or synchronously. You can use the LMS to deliver guided learning by grouping multiple courses into an easy-to-follow path.  

Release Conditions  

Brightspace allows you to easily track the progress of your learners and seamlessly provide personalized support when needed. The LMS can automatically release enrichment or remediation content based on achievement.  

Video Note  

Use the LMS to keep the human element through online courses. Record personalized, closed-captioned videos and add them anywhere the Brightspace Editor is available. 

Ready to see how Brightspace can adapt to meet the needs of your learners? We’d love to show you how. Reach out to us today so we can talk about your needs.

Written by:

Paige O'Grady

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  1. Unlock Learning Potential With Powerful Brightspace Tools