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Learning Bytes: AI Outperforms Students on Exams

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The Khan Academy’s CEO on education and AI, how to develop an AI strategy, the use of AI in legal education, and that time AI outperformed students on exams.


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D2L’s Learning Bytes – June 28, 2024  

On GPS: How AI Can Transform Education 

“Like all technology, it amplifies human intent.” 

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Sal Khan, founder and CEO of Khan Academy, discusses how AI can revolutionize the education system, and why he doesn’t think it will put teachers out of a job. 

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Questions Districts Should Ask as They Develop an AI Strategy 

K-12 school districts nationwide are grappling with how to implement generative artificial intelligence in education. These discussions typically focus on three key areas: establishing guidelines and policies, enhancing AI literacy among educators and students, and assessing available tools.  

During a panel discussion at the recent International Society for Technology in Education conference, four experts offered advice on addressing the challenges associated with developing an effective AI implementation strategy. 

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An AI and Legal Education Survey conducted by the American Bar Association and the ABA Task Force on Law and Artificial Intelligence reveals that more and more law schools are incorporating AI into their educational programs. 

The survey, based on insights from 29 law school deans and faculty members between December 2023 and February 2024, highlights the growing impact of AI on legal education. 

Approximately 55% of the surveyed law schools reported offering dedicated classes to teach students about AI. A further 83% of responding institutions indicated the availability of curricular opportunities for students to learn effective use of AI tools. Additionally, around 85% of law schools are considering curriculum adjustments in response to the increasing prevalence of AI tools. 

Read the full piece. You can also check out the full survey

Researchers Fool University Markers with AI-generated Exam Papers 

“The ability of AI to exhibit more abstract reasoning is going to increase and its detectability decrease, meaning the problem for academic integrity will get worse.” 

Researchers from the University of Reading conducted an experiment where they created fake student identities and then submitted AI-generated exam answers on their behalf. The answers, which were undetected, received better grades than those of actual students. The university’s markers, unaware of the project, only flagged one out of 33 entries, while the AI-generated answers consistently outperformed the students’ work. 

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