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Infographic: Corporate Learning at a Glance

  • 2 Min Read

A new learning standard can help in a changing world of work. Here’s what corporate learning looks like now.

To adapt to and succeed in a changing world of work, today’s organizations should strive toward a new learning standard, one that’s powered by tech-enabled modern learning strategies that help drive agile corporate learning and development.

Learn more about why your organization should move to modern learning

With there being a strong case for making the move to modern learning in the workplace, we wanted to get a better sense of what learning and development is currently like across different organizations—what’s driving it and how it’s deployed—so we asked around. Here’s what we found out.

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Infographic description

This infographic is called Corporate Learning at a Glance.

  • The most pressing learning needs are:
    • Leadership development
    • Engagement
    • Soft skills
    • Knowledge sharing.
  • Learning and development is important to most organizations.
    • 1% very or extremely important
    • 9% moderately, slightly, or not important
  • As is leveraging new technologies for learning:
    • 61% very or extremely important
    • 39% moderately, slightly, or not important.
  • But most employees are, at best, only somewhat satisfied with their organization’s learning and development program:
    • 7% extremely satisfied
    • 5% somewhat satisfied
    • 8% neither, somewhat or extremely dissatisfied.
  • The top five uses of learning platforms are:
    • 2% compliance
    • 7% technical skills training
    • 1% support training
    • 2% leadership development
    • 1% on-demand bite-sized learning.
  • Using video as a learning tool is very important to most organizations:
    • 6% very or extremely important
    • 5% moderately, slightly, or not important.
  • But most organizations are ineff­ective when it comes to using video for training and development:
    • 7% very or extremely eff­ective
    • 3% moderately, slightly, not at all eff­ective, or don’t use.
  • Most organizations don’t use video for feedback and coaching:
    • 24% use video
    • 76% don’t use video.
  • Organizations are not effectively capturing internal subject matter expertise:
    • 4% very or extremely e­ffective
    • 6% moderately, slightly, or not e­ffective.
  • And they’re not effectively sharing subject matter expertise internally.
    • 3% Very or extremely e­ffective
    • 7% Moderately, slightly, or not eff­ective.
  • Most organizations create custom content for internal use:
    • 71% do
    • 29% don’t.
  • But they don’t use gamified elements to encourage engagement in their training or L&D programs:
    • 24% do
    • 76% don’t.

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