Infographic: 14 ways an LMS supports competency-based education
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Infographic: 14 ways an LMS supports CBE programs

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Take a deeper dive into the benefits of using an LMS for competency-based education programs

Institutions looking to implement a competency-based education program need a learning management system (LMS) that is flexible and intuitive. Not all LMSes are designed to manage, monitor, and support CBE programs. This infographic provides a quick view of the top features your LMS should have to help students, faculty, and administrators have success with a competency- or mastery-based program.

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14 ways an LMS supports CBE programs


A learning management system (LMS) is the virtual learning environment that can administer both time-bound courses as well as self-paced learning options such as competency based education (CBE). Here are a few of the ways that an LMS responds to the top institutional needs and requirements to ensure a smooth and effective program.


Institutional Needs What an LMS can do
Defining competencies Communicates defined competencies through learning modules
Flexible pacing Releases new module or competency based on completion of or performance on the previous one. Learning path can adapt based on student achievement
Continuous intake Tracks “days since enrolment” for groups and individuals so content can appear based on time elapsed since enrolment
Ease of use Students can easily monitor progress and communicate with instructors using colorful, visual dashboards
Instructor presence Instructors can post announcements and send automated messages to recognize achievements and provide guidance when students are at-risk
Progression by mastery Releases content based on competency completion (or based on a student’s performance on an assessment)
Demonstration of competence Documents and tracks learner progress and supports multiple methods of assessment (quizzing, grades, rubrics, media submissions, etc.)
Substantive interaction Substantive Interaction between faculty SMEs and students can be facilitated in a wide variety of ways including 1:1 discussion forums, e-mails, announcements and other messages
Feedback and encouragement Includes private discussions and automated communication to personalize feedback and propose next steps upon completion of a task
Structure and support Checklists can be conditionally released based on a learner’s progress so that the next set of tasks appears as the learner completes the previous
Remediation Unmet thresholds on competencies or assessment performance can trigger an email that’s sent to learners with targeted support tips, resources, and common challenges that learners experience
Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Portfolio functionality can capture, organize, and present prior knowledge in relation to competencies. Pre-assessments within courses provide feedback to learners about their knowledge gaps or trigger the release of content
Data and reporting Having both an LMS and CBE engine in the same platform means data is in a single location. No need to run a second set of reports from another platform
Student employment Serving like a student’s CV, the Portfolio can store artifacts, learning experiences, and other evidence to share with potential employers

“[The technology is] the thing that’s hidden in the background, but it’s our foundation. We’re relying on that to be able to do the really tough work of having conversations about this new way of learning.”
Christina Amato, CBE Program Manager at Sinclair Community College

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