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How Can Principals Help Their Schools Achieve Success?

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Last Modified: Jan 25, 2022

Boost student progress and staff productivity with fully online and remote learning tools that invigorate your school’s core workflows.

In previous blog posts, we explored some of the online learning tools that can help K-8 educators and 9th-12th grade educators get started with the Brightspace platform. Now let’s look at some of the specific Brightspace tools available to principals to help maximize success for their schools.

As a principal, you play a pivotal role at your school. You perform managerial tasks, provide daily support to your staff, oversee professional development, and empower students’ academic achievement—to name just a few of your priorities. As traditional learning models and student needs continue to evolve, your role is evolving too.

Throughout the pandemic, your duties have expanded to include a greater focus on student and staff well-being and the implementation of several new government policies. But even with these unforeseen changes, the goal of supporting student success has remained the same. Now is a more critical time than ever to develop a strategic transition plan for teachers and staff that enables them to achieve shared learning goals and deliver uninterrupted learning experiences, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

At D2L, we understand that you need solutions that can boost learner success and engagement and tools that can increase staff productivity and efficiency. That’s why our Brightspace platform is designed to help you invigorate your school’s workflows in three key areas: communicating with families, monitoring student performance, and using data to create reports.

Communicating with Families

When you’re looking to share important school updates with students’ families in a timely manner, the Brightspace Parent & Guardian tool is a handy resource to support your communication best practices and improve classroom transparency.

Brightspace Parent & Guardian integrates with your student information system to help you provide families with accurate and up-to-date information, including student grades, pending assignments, and other important messages from the school. In remote teaching and learning situations, Brightspace Parent & Guardian becomes an especially useful communication tool by helping you share regular updates on new guidelines and regulations from the government.

Monitoring Student Performance

When it comes to student success, you can maintain your school’s academic performance by using the Class Progress and Engagement Dashboard tools. The Class Progress tool provides you with direct insight into how each virtual classroom is progressing, how engaged students are in course materials, and which learners may need extra support.

Meanwhile, the Engagement Dashboard tool provides tangible suggestions and next steps for school and class improvements by displaying a deeper and more holistic view of individual student engagement levels. By choosing specific indicators, you can even develop your own unique definition of an at-risk learner. And because students’ grades, logins, and engagement data are automatically synched to these dashboards, they can save you a lot of time by reducing errors and redundancies in your learning analytics.

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As a complement to your student performance dashboards, the Brightspace Student Success System can help you further boost engagement of students with different learning needs. This tool provides you with proactive knowledge of students who are struggling as well as those who may benefit from more challenging material. You can even use your newfound knowledge to make predictions about each student’s final grade and to create an action plan to support them.

As you monitor student performance throughout the school year, you can also track students’ punctuality with the help of the Attendance tool. As its name suggests, this tool assists you in recording attendance for each class, and it can be customized to meet your school’s unique needs. Some of our customers even like to use the Attendance tool to assign grades for student attendance and take appropriate action with students with poor attendance.

Using Data to Create Reports

Bringing the previous two sections together, building effective reports can ultimately help you make student performance data more actionable and sharable. In Brightspace, you can access several data sets available within the Data Hub tool to gain insight into course involvement levels at your school. These data sets can be extremely helpful in finding evidence-based answers to your questions and enabling conversations with stakeholders on student engagement, assessment, and overall outcomes.

As you gather new data, you can continue to filter, aggregate, and adjust your reports according to your school’s specific needs. If you want to fine-tune your results, you can even create your own reports, spreadsheets, and data visualizations by analyzing the data with the external tool of your choice.

In summary, these Brightspace tools can help you reduce the time it takes you and your staff to perform common administrative activities. By simplifying your core, day-to-day workflows, you can spend more time supporting the critical actions that foster a great overall learning experience.

In our next post, we’ll explore how teachers can use online rubrics to provide better feedback to students.

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