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Get Involved: D2L Champions Program

Be recognized as the innovative learning leader you are, share your story, learn from others and earn rewards.


The D2L Champions Program is about recognizing you as the innovative learning leader you are. We want to celebrate your achievements, broaden your impact and empower you to shape the future of learning technology. If you are looking to share your story, learn from others and earn rewards, you’re in the right place. Champions participate in challenges to earn points that can be redeemed for passes to D2L-sponsored events, creative and advisory services, gift cards, swag, and more.

Benefits of Being a D2L Champion

  1. Create connections with other D2L Champions.
  2. Earn points for fun rewards and climb the leader board.
  3. Give feedback and share experiences to amplify your voice.
  4. Be first in line for events and speaking opportunities.

Helping Students Focus With Insights From Learning Science

Lynn Thomas, secondary school English teacher at the Grand Erie District School Board, explains how a combination of learning science and technology makes her courses more engaging, inclusive and accessible. 

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New challenges are shared regularly—“choose your own adventure” style. You choose the activities that interest you.

A few examples include:

  • Read the latest white paper or blog.
  • Share a review of your Brightspace experience.
  • Tell us about your favorite part of partnering with D2L.
  • Volunteer for speaking opportunities at events.
  • Guest author a blog post on best practices or tips and tricks.

Teaching Adult Learners How Little Victories Drive Big Change

Colin Moran wanted to be a trauma surgeon. After missing the minimum score on his secondary school Leaving Certificate Examination by only a few points, he was faced with a…

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Who Can Join?

We encourage anyone who uses Brightspace within their organization to join. Our current Champions include educators, administrators, IT professionals and more. Your voice is important; we can’t wait to hear your story and learn from your experiences!

What Our Champions Have to Say

“I love being a D2L Champion because I am confident in D2L’s ability to meet both the needs and wants of its customers. I enjoy helping others discover new ways to use the system, build their own confidence in using it and ultimately make a difference in the lives of students.”

Mandi Sullivan, Bryan College

“I think being a Champion is a wonderful add-on to continue lifelong learning and to incentivize users to continue to engage in the Brightspace platform and further their understanding. Furthermore, it is a great way to begin networking and share with other users.”

Grant Schelske, Seven Generations Education Institute

Empowering Students: Strategies Educators Can Use to Enhance Mental Health

Linda Poulin, who serves as the director of educational programs at The Robb Nash Project, provides valuable insights into the organization’s efforts to promote mental health education among students in…

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Become a D2L Champion today!

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Table of Contents

  1. Benefits of Being a D2L Champion
  2. Challenges
  3. Who Can Join?
  4. What Our Champions Have to Say